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 Complaints about Husky Haven of LA!

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Female Join date : 2013-03-13
Location : South OC, CA

PostSubject: Complaints about Husky Haven of LA!   Fri Aug 23, 2013 4:24 pm


I'll try to be calm writing this, but damn I am angry. Evil or Very Mad 

So back in April, I attended Pet Expo in Anaheim and met with Alley's Rescue (who were awesome!) and Husky Haven (which were... not.) I talked to both groups about volunteering, and Husky Haven basically scoffed at me and said "naw. It's okay. We're kinda busy here, can you go away?" even though they had a sign up that said "volunteers apply here". Rude. I dismissed it thinking hey, this has been a long, hot weekend for them, I'm sure they and the dogs are all tired and grumpy. I didn't think any more of it really.

I called later in the following weeks to volunteer, and they said they were full on volunteers and were pretty nasty about it. I scoffed and said fine, whatever. Assumed again that it was just someone in a bad mood.

Well just today, I saw on Facebook a post about a husky in a kill shelter. I called the shelter to confirm the information on the post, all of which was correct. I thought cool, now I have information for the rescue in case this dog doesn't get picked up by his owners.

First off, I called the number on the rescue's site... A woman answered with just "Hello?" I had to ask if it was Husky Haven's line. She said "Yeah, I guess." I told her I wanted to report a dog in a kill shelter, you know, just to make sure the guy was on their radar, so they were aware of him. She cut me off and talked over me "yeah we know about that mutt he's in Orange County though and we don't care about dogs there. We only serve dogs in LA that's why we're called Husky Haven OF LOS ANGELES!" I tried to further explain and again got cut off with her yelling "I BET THIS IS FROM A FACEBOOK POST YOU FUCKING IDIOTS SHOULDNT BELIEVE WHATS ON THERE YOU MORONS SHOULD STOP BOTHERING US". Then she told me to never call them again.


What the major Eff.

Thoughts? Do you have any experiences with this so called "rescue"?
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Male Join date : 2012-06-19
Location : New Mexcio | Germany

PostSubject: Re: Complaints about Husky Haven of LA!   Fri Aug 23, 2013 5:27 pm

Wow talk about a bad experience! Sorry you had to go through that. I've personally never had to but I hope that doesn't happen too often.
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Female Join date : 2012-07-07
Location : Houston, TX

PostSubject: Re: Complaints about Husky Haven of LA!   Fri Aug 23, 2013 5:46 pm

Wow, seriously? It sounds like those people over there don't enjoy helping out huskies and the like. Sad They don't get paid to do that kind of stuff. I volunteer with a rescue and we're all very friendly and very considerate when new people try to help/volunteer with us! I am sorry you had that experience with them. Try volunteering for someone else instead?
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Female Join date : 2012-08-13
Location : Nebraska

PostSubject: Re: Complaints about Husky Haven of LA!   Sun Aug 25, 2013 1:29 am

Did you see if they have a facebook page?? The power of social media should NEVER be underestimated. Take this to FB and get it viral!
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Female Join date : 2012-09-24
Location : Niagara Falls, NY

PostSubject: Re: Complaints about Husky Haven of LA!   Sun Aug 25, 2013 12:23 pm


Looks like they do have a page on FB. If I were treated like that I would certainly let the world know it. That's horrible.
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Join date : 2014-11-13

PostSubject: Re: Complaints about Husky Haven of LA!   Thu Nov 13, 2014 11:07 pm

You know what's odd, I attended that pet expo and Husky Haven of LA was not in attendance!  I also attended the pet expos in Costa Mesa and again Husky Haven of LA was not present.   In fact, Husky Haven doesn't attend any pet expos in Orange County, I know because I've offered to assist.  Oh and I've volunteered at Husky Haven with no problems.  I've volunteered several times with no problems and met other people volunteering there as well on the same days.  I've been present for adoptions as well with happy families and happy dogs going to their forever home.   So either you are confusing them with another rescue or this is just a slanderous post to attempt to discredit this rescue who has saved countless lives.
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Female Join date : 2013-02-21
Location : Ohio

PostSubject: Re: Complaints about Husky Haven of LA!   Fri Nov 14, 2014 12:36 pm

This post is from 2013. This may be where the discrepancy is.


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PostSubject: Re: Complaints about Husky Haven of LA!   

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Complaints about Husky Haven of LA!

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