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 Started Honest Kitchen Dog Food 5 days ago - less stool - normal?

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Join date : 2011-12-07

PostSubject: Started Honest Kitchen Dog Food 5 days ago - less stool - normal?   Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:05 am

Ok, so our finicky boy has always favored wet food or baked/boiled chicken & rice. This happened because when he was a pup, we really didn't know Huskies have sensitive tummies. I was referred here and was offered great advice, we got his tummy happy by switching to a different food and using The Honest Kitchens supplement Perfect Form! I will forever be grateful to whomever on here recommend that! Well, our Husky, Dash, turned 2 this past July! During his pup stage, due to the food intolerances, we was put on boiled chicken and rice once and after that, hated eating dry kibble. Then we did a military PCS to Hawaii and unfortunately, he had to stay in the state mandated animal quarantine for around 80 days (It almost killed me!!!) due to his age and not being able to wait the full120 days past a rabies test on the mainland. Long story short, he became depressed in the quarantine, refused dry kibble and the employees fed him canned wet Alpo dog food….UGH! (Without calling us first, btw.) So…anyways over his 2 years, he's just been more fond of wet food and will usually pick his dry food out or end up choking it down after refusing to eat for a day or 2. It's frustrating and I don't want him to not eat, get proper nutrition, etc. He is my BABY and I'll do anything for him. I've been researching the Honest Kitchen dog food for quite some time now so I decided to order some samples, as he loves wet food, I thought this was a nice alternative to expensive cans of wet food that may not be the most nutritionally balanced option. HE LOVED THE SAMPLES! I MEAN LOVED! He's never been the kind of dog to come running to his bowl to eat, whine by the dog food container, etc. Well…with this he is! We found a local store that sells the food and went & bought a 10 lb box of the FORCE dehydrated dog food! So, we started the samples last Thursday. I believe it was Friday, and we were out for a walk and he took the biggest poop ever! I sorta attributed that to the dehydrated food, despite him only having a few servings. Well… it's been 5 days that he's been eating the Honest Kitchen food and after Friday, his poops have become small little nuggets, a few times a day now and towards then end of him going it's a little runny? I am not sure what to think. Our vet here is so-so and I am not sure if I want to contact them or find a different vets opinion. I also plan to call the company and ask. However, i've read conflicting things online. MOST reviews says their dogs stool has increased. Then again, they say a switch to a "raw" diet decreases the stool output. Is this considered a raw diet? My only thing is that perhaps we aren't feeding him enough of the dehydrated food. I've been trying to get him on a schedule to feed him the daily recommended amount. He is 50 lbs so the food has a suggestion for I believe 30-50 lbs and 50-70 lbs. So that's a bit confusing but for average activity level it's around 2 cups daily. He's been having 1 & 1/2 cups for the past few days. He drinks normally, and actually has MORE energy and seems to be in a better all-around mood since being on this new food! :)YAY for that! So…….any input? Is the decreased poop a sign of maybe a lil constipation? Kinda seems like he's trying a bit harder to go but he goes right when he squats down, it just comes out a little slow and in the nugget form but not too much poop each time, then again, it's around twice a day, sometimes 3 times. I can add canned pumpkin in, i just don't wanna make him sick. But I will try adding canned pumpkin in the morning to his first meal and see how he does. SORRY it's so long, just wanted to give plenty of info! Hopefully someone on here can help! Smile
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Female Join date : 2013-06-17
Location : Maine

PostSubject: Re: Started Honest Kitchen Dog Food 5 days ago - less stool - normal?   Tue Jan 14, 2014 12:07 pm

I feed the Honest Kitchen not exclusively (we do in the morning and kibble at night) and one dog increased in poop and the other one stayed the same and maybe poops twice a day. I think it depends on the dog. I wouldn't be to worried if he is acting the same, unless you think he could of eaten something.

In my opinion, I think the small poops were from him finally soaking up good nutrient food, and it was a result of his body taking all of that in. I think the longer that you keep him on it and the more he gets used to it, his poops will get more consistent. Keep an eye out for his behavior, and make sure you are adding the recommended amount of water to the food (we didn't once, and there pee turns this weird yellow). Other than that everything sounds fine to me!
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Nutrition Subject Moderator

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Location : Denver, CO

PostSubject: Re: Started Honest Kitchen Dog Food 5 days ago - less stool - normal?   Tue Jan 14, 2014 1:11 pm

Stool volume can vary depending on the pup. I feed Honest Kitchen Zeal (fish) and Orijen.

When I adopted Storm, his stool volume was a lot, but he was also on a lower quality dry dog food, and he was 40 lbs heavier. When we transitioned him to THK and Orijen, and as he lost weight, his stool volume decreased to less than half of that when we first adopted him.

So, smaller stool volume may not necessarily be cause for concern. I would think stool consistency would be more of a concern if it was soft and/or runny, or if it was weird/different in color and odor than usual.

THK does have a lot of fiber in it, so it is not unusual for a bigger stool volume, however, not all pups, as in your case, will have that. If you just recently made the transition to THK, monitor his stool consistency more than stool volume. He should be going at least once a day, usually twice, and if he's anything like my female, will even go three times but smaller stool volume.

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PostSubject: Re: Started Honest Kitchen Dog Food 5 days ago - less stool - normal?   

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Started Honest Kitchen Dog Food 5 days ago - less stool - normal?

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