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 General Husky related questions (not found online)

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Join date : 2015-02-11

PostSubject: General Husky related questions (not found online)   Wed Feb 11, 2015 3:25 am


We rescued a husky-mix (mix of what (no wolf though...) remains to be seen...  Very Happy) He is from the darkest/coldest north of Canada. 10 1/2 weeks-old. Two days now... It's going well (knock on wood). No accidents in the house yet (he obviously likes clean... and snow (Montreal)). Puts his baby teeth on things much less than our Golden Retriever/Lab-mix ever did (so far...)

I DO HAVE A COUPLE OF QUESTIONS THOUGH (which is why I registered (obviously))

(1) For our Golden/Lab mix rescue puppy (4-years-old now -- a gem). As a puppy, I fed him all the food he wanted - he just nibbles all day long now (4 years-old and in perfect weight/shape and still nibbles) The new baby eats like a vacuum cleaner... I would not even dare to try this because I'm afraid that Nuka would explode. Yes, I do realize that our rescue is not a pure-bred Husky, but if someone could give some insight of feeding/eating habits in "general?"

(2) He seems very perceptive/sensitive to tone and volume of voice - it takes very little "displeasure" to make him pay attention. He is not nervous or scared (very curious actually) but he really reacts to volume especially when doing the normal 'no-no' puppy things (I have toned that down obviously). I do not know from what despicable conditions he came from - but it was obviously not great (rescue organization).

(3) THIS I absolutely can NOT understand AT ALL - he is 10 1/2 weeks old and sleeps all night (crated with us in our bedroom) without having to relive himself. 11:30pm-ish to 7:00am-ish -- I let him out straight from the crate and he goes out side. With Retriever puppies I was up A LOT at night. It's so strange! Am I torturing him?

Spelling/Grammar = not stupid (English is not my first language)).

Thank you for your insight and taking the time.
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Female Join date : 2013-05-26
Location : Michigan

PostSubject: Re: General Husky related questions (not found online)   Wed Feb 11, 2015 4:07 am

Welcome to the forum. We love pictures. Also, thanks for being a rescuer

For future, there is a search tab at the top and it will look up keywords you put in for almost any question you may have.

Generally, a husky pup should and will eat two to three times a day. I am not sure as for how much food you are supposed to give because I don't know what food you feed, but go by the label on the packaging for age and weight.. that is a recommendation for the entire day, so take that and split it up in half or in thirds and if it is half that seems good, feed every 12 hours, if thirds seems better, feed every 8 hours. Some huskies like to eat multiple times a day for their whole life. Generally it is good to do it that way anyhow, it decreases risk of bloat, and puking issues from having an empty stomach all day (from feeding once a day) If you ask what food should you feed, well that will always be a highly opinionated subject, because everyone will swear up and down their food, almost no matter what. So I will give guidlines to follow that mostly everyone may agree with.
Make sure most of the ingredients are recognizable to you. Huskies require a different sort of diet than most other dogs, because their digestive system is unique. They need higher quantities of protien, and also unique in the factor of sensitive... so try to look for a good protein percentage, good quality ingredients. A good rule of thumb would be no by-product, first ingredient is "meat" comma, no grain, no rice, no corn... stuff like that. Generally dont ever get brands that are in a department store like Walmart, Target for example.

Huskies are over dramatic. I wouldn't worry about scorning too much, they need to know when they are doing something wrong. A quick firm "no" or a "no" with a stomp on the floor is usually enough to redirect their attention from the bad behavoirs. Over time you will see yourself doing that less and less because they learn  your rules. But never ever forget positive reinforcement, treat and praise highly for good behavoirs. Act like you won the lottery when praising.

Some pups sleep through the night- some don't. You are lucky with one that does. If you are worried about it set yourself an alarm inbetween those time for a few months to take the pup outside, just in case. Rule of thumb for every month old they are, up two 8 months, is how long they can hold it in hours.

So at 10 1/2, your pup should be going out pretty close to every 3 hours. After 8 months old, your time limit is about 8-9 hours, so try not to ever go over that mark... for example if you need to leave home for a while, just pay attention to the time, but I personally try never to leave my dog that long unless if I have to.

Hope any of this helps.
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Join date : 2015-02-11

PostSubject: Re: General Husky related questions (not found online)   Wed Feb 11, 2015 5:02 am

It helped... I tried the 'search' (and I'm still reading and trying to find relevant threads). I understand 'how much' and 'when' the pup is "supposed" to eat (this not my/our first pup/dog -- and we have vets in Canada) -- I'm just blown-away by the industrial strength vacuum cleaner feeding frenzy. (Never seen that before).

Your comment about "over dramatic" I do find amusing. It's only been a couple of days but the "personality" difference to Retrievers is quite clear (obviously knew this before rescue). I'll go with "dramatic" for now and go from there.

I'm lucky enough to be able to work from home so during the day - pup gets to go out in the snow to do his business when it wants/needs to. Going out every three/four hours AT NIGHT is what I was experting and was prepared for and I don't have that... It doesn't make any sense?

Thank you for taking the time. It is much appreciated.
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Female Join date : 2012-08-02
Location : Louisiana

PostSubject: Re: General Husky related questions (not found online)   Wed Feb 11, 2015 9:54 am

My boy (now 2) also eats like a vacuum and always had as a puppy. Huskies bred for work need to have a good appetite. There are a lot of dogs now a days who are super picky and will refuse to eat.

There is nothing wrong with him having a good appetite, it will just have to be something you monitor and will most likely have to feed multiple times a day to make sure he doesn't overeat in one sitting. Mine would eat himself until he exploded if I let him, sometimes his love for food is a bit much for my liking though. Lol.

And all dogs are different. I would have been ELATED had mine slept all through the night as a puppy. Lol. I got up multiple times in the middle of the night to take hm out to potty. If he can hold it while he's sleeping, then again just go with it.

So really there's nothing amiss. But if you want to go with what Lucy said and take him out in the middle of the night, that is something you have to decide if you want to do.


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Join date : 2015-02-11

PostSubject: Re: General Husky related questions (not found online)   Thu Feb 12, 2015 2:31 am

Thank you, simplify.

Yes, of course there are worse things than sleeping through the night but I didn't even imagine it possible. As for the "vacuum" eating... have to watch that (never had this issue before).

Again, thank you for your reply/insight.
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Male Join date : 2013-02-05
Location : seattle, wa

PostSubject: Re: General Husky related questions (not found online)   Thu Feb 12, 2015 5:30 am

There's a hormone that allows them to sleep through the night without having to pee. That's why her duration is longer at night Smile
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Female Join date : 2014-06-26
Location : west Texas

PostSubject: Re: General Husky related questions (not found online)   Thu Feb 12, 2015 2:43 pm

Welcome to the forum!! And as others have said we love pics here Smile

As far as your first question the others gave you solid advice, I will follow it up by mentioning that some huskies will overeat and become hefty, others don't, alot has to do with exercise. Some huskies are great self regulators and only eat what they need. Most huskies eat 20-25% less food than what is recommended on kibble packages, specifically as an adult, puppies will more than likely eat what is recommended. As Lucy said high protein and grain free seems to work best for most huskies.

Second question, my girl is sensitive to noise as well, or specifically loud voices. Quite honestly a calm, consistent volume tone of voice will produce a calm reaction, the more upset or more loud you are may excite your puppy and will produce totally the opposite affect you were trying to achieve. Socializing your pup to loud noises, as in traffic, and thunderstorms, kids playing will desensitize his avoidance to the loud noise. You certainly do not want a fearful pup. So in house it is a calm voice with my girl, and outside I had her get used to loud noises. In fact we take her bird hunting, is a pretty efficient bird dog, shot guns are loud and she is very calm and patient until we release her to fetch said bird, but this was because we introduced her to loud noises early on so she wouldn't cower or try and retreat and hide(be fearful).

Huskies are quite unique in looks and in spirit, with a lot of patience, since they are quite stubborn and free spirited, and a lot of exercise and training, they really are a wonderful companion that can adapt to just about anything. Enjoy your new pup!!
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PostSubject: Re: General Husky related questions (not found online)   

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General Husky related questions (not found online)

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