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 Describe a typical day

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Male Join date : 2015-03-13
Location : Cleveland, Ohio

PostSubject: Describe a typical day   Fri Mar 13, 2015 8:48 pm

Hello all. I got Dayton two weeks ago and he is starting to fall into my daily routine. I was wondering what a typical day is like with your dogs? For example do you walk before and after work, go to the park, etc.
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Female Join date : 2013-05-26
Location : Michigan

PostSubject: Re: Describe a typical day   Fri Mar 13, 2015 9:09 pm

My typical day.
Wake up at 7:00 Am Take the dog outside.
I have a 5 year old who goes to school, so I get her ready and then get her on the bus by 8:00Am
Then I take the dog for a walk until about 9:00Am
Then I go take a nap until around noonish (I am a stay at home mom)
Then I take Okami out again, then we come back in and horse around with toys.
Then at around 3:30Pm I take her out again, and again horse around.
At around 6:30Pm we go for a bike ride till around 7:00Pm Then for a walk till about 7:30Pm
I feed her at around 9:00pm-10Pm
Then she is out for the count.
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Male Join date : 2014-08-18
Location : Terlingua, Texas

PostSubject: Re: Describe a typical day   Fri Mar 13, 2015 9:27 pm

I'm sorry, I can't resist - your daughter hasn't gotten home from school yet and it was three years ago you put her on the bus!!

You sound like a friend of mine; I'm on the receiving end of her daily calendar which normally looks like:
  • Get up
  • Get kids ready for school
  • Take a nap
  • Get kids from school
  • Go to bed

Which is almost as boring as my schedule is .... it's forever blank!
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Female Join date : 2013-05-26
Location : Michigan

PostSubject: Re: Describe a typical day   Fri Mar 13, 2015 10:06 pm

Lol insert get kid off bus at 4:35pm
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Female Join date : 2014-10-01
Location : Central Coast of California

PostSubject: Re: Describe a typical day   Sat Mar 14, 2015 1:46 am

My day varies a lot between school & work, but without fail, it always starts with wake up and walk. Phoenix is 6 months now and we are doing a 30 minute walk every morning and then we try to make it to the dog park several times a week as well. We took her on her first short trail walk a couple of days ago, which she loved, so we will try to incorporate that into her schedule more often. My daughter does a lot of training with her daily, and they have handler class together every Tuesday. I try to get Olivia to take her for walks around the blocks in the daytime and I like to fit in an evening walk with her as often as possible.
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Male Join date : 2014-09-20
Location : Houston, TX

PostSubject: Re: Describe a typical day   Sat Mar 14, 2015 3:25 am

Ohhh alright I'm gonna describe my typical day with my boy Mylo Cool
Always wake up at 6 or 6:30am- Mylo gets up and pee's his gallon of pee in his area.
Then I feed him a little hand full portion for breakfast while I go take a shower.
I give him another hand full when I get out of the shower, put some soft music for him so he won't be all quiet by himself, then straight to the car to college from 7am-10am.
Back home at 11am- take him out for a mini walk/run for 5-10 minutes then head off to my girlfriends house at around 11:30am. While in the car I give him a little mid day snack in a medium size kong (frozen almond butter and kibble inside).
Then at 12 noon were at the park to walk/run for a good 30-40 minutes.
Then back at my girlfriends house for a few minutes until 1pm then off to college again
from 2pm-5pm. He has dinner in between 5:30pm-6pm (half a cup portion).
Back at my girlfriends house at around 5:30pm.
Sometimes we will go to the park again for 20 minutes or so.
Then we pretty much just chill the remaining of the day at my girlfriends house.
At around 8pm-9pm Mylo starts shutting down.
We leave my girlfriends house at around 10:30pm then when we arrive to my house (almost 11pm), Mylo goes to his bed puts his belly up and calls it a day!
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Female Join date : 2014-06-26
Location : west Texas

PostSubject: Re: Describe a typical day   Sat Mar 14, 2015 4:02 am

Since my husband and I are opposites we take turns with being with Miya. So this is Miya's typical day.......6 am dad wakes me and takes me out to do my business, I go back to bed at 6:30. I wake mom up between 9 and 10 am. While mom makes her coffee I wake kitty up and chase her until mom is ready to go out. We are out for about an hour. I sniff around to see who's been here(bunnies, squirrels, skunks, cats, birds), then I chase and tackle mom, play soccer, fetch or tugs. Around 11 or 11:30 we go in and have morning snack. I doggy nap and follow mom around while she cleans. Around 1 we go back out or I chase kitty some more, which really means we go back out. We take an afternoon walk. Come in about 2, and follow mom around some more. At 4:30 we go out to play again and wait for dad. He gets home around 5. We either go jeeping, or play, or take a long walk or mom goes to work Sad If she goes to work hang out with dad, go out for my business at 9 and go to bed and wait for mom. She takes me back out at 1 am and sleep. If she stays home it's dinner for all 4 of us, and then some play time. Go out at 9 and sleep until midnight, have a midnight snack while mom finishes up for the night and sleep from 1 until 6.

We live in the country so no parks. On the weekends we take her to one of her husky boyfriends for some husky play for a few hours, or take her to Tractor Supply to mingle with strange people. In the summer time we take her to different lakes and swim with her. She has some issues with separation anxiety, so we try and entertain her a lot, as well as socialize her with dogs and different people. We also keep things different, for most dogs a constant routine works well. For Miya doing different things with us, keeps her from missing one of us when we work. She minimally walks 3 miles a day and as much or more than 10 miles on other days. Her biggest challenge is when I'm working, since my husband doesn't play with her as much as I do.

Sorry I wrote a book, but I try to give a very enriching and fulfilling husky life to my girl. Smile
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Female Join date : 2013-12-20

PostSubject: Re: Describe a typical day   Sat Mar 14, 2015 10:51 am

Hmmm. A typical day with Ami (and frequently Archer).

If Archer is here, I set the alarm for 8 AM (I overslept once and had 2 loads of poop in the kitchen ) Both dogs get there collars on and out the go for morning pee/poop. Archer rapidly does his business, rings the door bell and looks for his breakfast. Ami either stays outside or comes in and sacks out on his chair in the sunroom. After Archer eats, he goes back out. Ami either goes back out or stays sacked out on the chair. He usually is less active until somewhere around 11 AM (on days when Archer is not here, when I get up, he gets up from his laundry room "bed roll" and high tails it into the sunroom where he sleeps on his chair until somewhere around 11 AM then he goes out to pee - must have a bladder the size of the swimming pool). Ami generally eats breakfast somewhere between 10 and 1)

Outside - on the first day Archer is here, the boys are a racing, romping, wrestling duo. Sitting at the kitchen table, in front of the bay window, it's like watching a circus. The dogs race by, leap onto the back steps, jump down, roll around, race back to the front, repeat ad infinitum. After Archer has been here for about 36 hours, they slow down...a bit.

If Archer is not here, then Ami goes for a 3 mile walk somewhere between 11 and 1. It usually takes us at least 1.5 hours - his walks frequently involve digging in the snowbanks/ditches, a lot of sniffing punctuated with rapid trotting and the occasional pounce-on-the-vole.

Somewhere around 2:30, someone rings the doggy door bell. Looking for their afternoon bone. That usually takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour or more. The funny part is watching Ami find a suitable hiding spot for the rest of the bone...he trots around with it in his mouth, usually trying 5-6 places before settling on one. Sometimes he stashes it, goes back 5 minutes later and moves it. Most times, he looks like a batty old lady who can't make a decision lol!

Somewhere around 4:30, if I haven't already gone outside for afternoon chores, they come ring the bell for me to come out. I take garbage to the trash can, which means checking out the 4-car garage, feed and water Miss Kitty and change the litter box which means checking out the 2-car and if they are lucky, harassing Miss Kitty, then up to the garden to dispose of compost materials which means running up the path, through the woods, jumping on the compost and checking out the buffet (like those egg shells!), then we check out the bees...they race down the path and stand by each hive and watch me listen, open the the cover a crack to check feed, then race to the next hive. Bees checked, we head back down the path where they race after each other, I get the wood buckets from the house and they follow me up to the wood shed. I unlock the shop, they check that out, each of them go in the crate, hoping for a stray piece of kibble, then I get the cart from the breezeway, which means they check out the last 2 garage bays. they help with the wood - pulling out pieces of various sizes, Archer in particular likes to mouth my gloves as I work. Frequently, this also involves a tuggy, a frisbee or a squeeky toy. After the wood, time to check the mail...we head down the driveway, the race to the boundary, then sit and watch as I get the mail, then race back to the parking area.

Then it's their dinner...sometimes, they chill out for a bit after dinner, sometimes they are rambunctious and their fluffy butts are booted back outside. Then, just as we sit down for dinner, they come banging at the doorbell - I have yet to figure out if they smell the food cooking or if its the sound of the silverware coming out of the drawer or the sound of metal utensils on the pans - whatever, they always show up for treats from Dad at dinner.

For the most part, Ami wants to be outside, no matter what the weather. Usually, I have to bribe him with a treat to get him inside. Archer, he's in and out, in and out, all day long.

They usually come in and chill sometime around 9 for a few hours, Archer sleeps on his bed roll in the laundry room, Ami makes a bee line for his chair in the sunroom. It's funny - I think they hear the movie starting and that is their cue to come in and settle down. About the only time I don't have to bribe him into the house. They get let out for a last pee/poop somewhere between 12 and 2 AM. Or taken out, Ami, frequently on leash - trying to corral a husky at 2 AM so I can go to bed is NOT my cup of tea
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Female Join date : 2013-06-14
Location : Missouri

PostSubject: Re: Describe a typical day   Sat Mar 14, 2015 11:35 am

7:30- wake up and let dogs out. They play and run until 8.
8:15- leave for work.
1:00- feed dogs and do quick run and play.
2:00- back to work.
4:30- home from work. Get dogs ready for park.
5:00- hubby home and we go to park. Walk dogs 3-5 miles depending on weather and other people.
~7pm-dogs crash from walk.
9:00- quick run and play time.


Weekend is a free-for-all.

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Male Join date : 2015-03-15
Location : San Diego, CA

PostSubject: Re: Describe a typical day   Mon Mar 16, 2015 5:05 am

My day is a bit unusual but nonetheless here it is;

5:00AM - Wake up, make/drink coffee and take Allana for a run (2-3 miles)

6:00AM - Showered, ate breakfast, Allana has been fed and is settled into the yard for the day. Make sure she has water and some chew toys.

6:10AM - Leave for work/class.

6:10AM-4PM - I am either at work, in class, or studying. My sister is home to take Allana and Kona(our other dog) out for a walk at 2PM.

5:00PM - Arrive home. usually I take Allana out again.

7:00PM - Allana eats a small dinner and sometimes goes out with me for a run. If not she is in my backyard.

7:00PM-9:00PM - Lounge around the house, sometimes watch a movie or work on the cars. Allana is, so far, attached to me at the hip. Even lays down in my garage while I work!

sometime after 9PM - go to sleep. Allana sleeps in my room and our other pup sleeps in my sister's room.

That's a typical day! In the future I plan on taking her to dog beach, to friend's places, etc. Many adventures planned Smile
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Female Join date : 2014-07-17
Location : Montana

PostSubject: Re: Describe a typical day   Mon Mar 16, 2015 3:15 pm

I guess my daily routine is pretty similar to the others:

5:30am: Wake up and take Loki outside for his morning business, followed by a little breakfast
6:30am: Take Loki out to the back yard and get him set up for the day, or if the weather is bad, I crate him inside. Then I leave for work.
11:00am: My lunch break. I take Loki outside and we play fetch, tugs, or go for a walk.
5:30pm: I get home from work and me and the kids will walk Loki down to the park and play fetch or other games, or I will take him for a 2 mile walk. (I usually alternate days)
Between 6:30 and 7:00pm: We walk back from the park and have dinner. Then I get the baby ready for bed.
7:45pm: Loki and I go back outside for one last play time.
8:15pm: Get the older kid ready for bed then its relax time.
9:30pm: Bed time!

This is pretty vague for my actual schedule. There's bath time for the kids, homework, etc placed around in that schedule too. On days like today, my husband is not at work (rotating shift), so he takes on a few of those things on that schedule.

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Female Join date : 2012-08-02
Location : Louisiana

PostSubject: Re: Describe a typical day   Fri Mar 20, 2015 4:12 pm

Our weekday routine vs our weekend routine varies slightly but this is a typical day for us.

5:30 am : Wake up, shower, make-up on.
6:30 am : Let Mishka out, feed him breakfast, outside for potty. I have coffee and breakfast and tinker on the computer.
7:15 am : Blowdry hair and get dressed for work and various other getting ready to leave for work things, while Mishka usually lays on the bed while I do this.
7:50 am: Mishka gets crated and I leave for work.
12:30-1:00 pm: Come home for lunch, Mishka gets let out to potty during this time.
4:35 pm: Home from work, hubby usually has already let Mishka out.
5:00 pm: Dinner for the pup.
5:30-8:00pm: Season dependent is a walk at 5:30 pm or we go walk around 7:30-8:00pm for about an hour. The rest of the evening is usually spent doing housework, cooking, eating, watching tv, etc.
9:00-9:30 pm : Bed time.

I know I have it pretty easy with Mishka because he's not super demanding for exercise but when he wants his walk he lets me know and we always enjoy our walks when it's not ridiculously hot and humid out. When the weather isn't cooperative, he usually gets some sort of lasting chew like a bully stick or we play games and work on tricks for a little while.


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Male Join date : 2014-07-23
Location : San Diego, California

PostSubject: Re: Describe a typical day   Sat Mar 21, 2015 6:57 pm


Awakened anywhere between 3:30 and 5 am by Kohdi licking my face, I get up and let them both out to pee. Get dressed and take them on a walk where Mishka turns into a bunny hunting machine.

6:30am I leave for work. Kohdi and Mishka have a "babysitter" til I get home. During this time, Kohdi and Mishka are weaving their paths of destruction.

4pm I arrive home. I'm greeted at the door by two of the happiest dogs on earth Smile Mishka's tail is wagging so fast it turns her around in circles, lol, and Kohdi just doesn't stop talking. For the next 30 minutes or so I'm searching where the tornado's have hit. We go outside, they play, run around and sometimes argue while I sit and watch them. Many of my pics are taken during this time, haha.

6pm or so we go on our walk...they've eaten by this time, usually before I get home, and we walk between 3 and 5 miles. 5 miles will be the norm once I know Mishka has stopped growing.

By 7:30 pm we arrive back home, they're amped up so we play for awhile til they get tired...then Kohdi usually wants to lay out on his grass for an hour or so and Mishka chills inside. I give them both treats at this time...just cuz.

By about 9pm both dogs are out cold for the night. I'm usually wide awake and can't fall asleep before 1 am. I don't get enough sleep Sad

Weekends are for anything and everything...pet store visits, been hiking with them up our lil local mountain, long walks, visiting friends and/or family, working in the yard (they LOVE helping out in the yard) etc. they love the weekends Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Describe a typical day   

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Describe a typical day

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