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 Help with Puppy Behavior

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Female Join date : 2016-07-04
Location : Orlando, FL

PostSubject: Help with Puppy Behavior   Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:21 pm

Hi all,
Jhera's doing some weird stuff that I don't really understand. She's going to be 10 weeks this Saturday.

My mother in law has a Yorkie which does not like Jhera. His name is Jack and he completely avoids eye contact with her and does not show any interest in her or playing with her. He has even tried to bite her but he never really does, I think he just wants her to understand that he wants to be left alone. Jhera is always extremely excited to see him, licks his face, runs around him, and performs play bows repeatedly but she also barks at him and it doesn't sound like a nice bark. I see her standing confident with alert ears and eyes fixed on him. We took care of Jack last weekend and even though she is trained to go on her pads, she began to pee in the places where Jack was hanging out. Is she displaying dominant behavior towards Jack? We want them to get along because they will be seeing each other a lot. Any tips? Should I put Jhera in time-out for not respecting Jack when he warns her to leave him alone? Shouldn't she know to back off? She doesn't care when Jack tries to bite her and she keeps bowing and running around him like she is not getting the message.

She starts making tiny whiny sounds after running around (in the apt), she seems desperate and keeps fidgeting around unable to stay still. I touch her to see if something hurts but she doesn't give me any signs of being in pain. Sometimes I think that she is just too hot after running but I'm not sure.

I've read that huskies are very vocal and I'm totally fine with that, even find it pretty cool. Jhera is vocal for everything, she will bark/yap/talk back with the same tone or energy that she was spoken to. When she is being vocally reprimanded (for biting or doing something naughty) she will yap back with an attitude. You can literally hear the attitude in her little bark. One time she ran up to me and bit my stomach, which hurt. I told her "No. Don't bite" sternly with a raised voice and took her to time out in the bathroom. She was barking/growling with such attitude that I could almost hear her saying "how dare you put me in here, let me out now!" I'm thinking it's not a big deal and I actually think it's healthy thing to let her express herself, what do you guys think? Is the attitude a normal thing?
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Male Join date : 2014-07-23
Location : San Diego, California

PostSubject: Re: Help with Puppy Behavior   Fri Aug 05, 2016 1:01 am

How old is your MIL's Yorkie? I think she's acting pretty normal for a 10 week old puppy, but if the Yorkie is older and/or has health problems like arthritis for example, then yeah, it'd be best you kinda control how active your lil girl is around him. If the Yorkie is in good health and not old, when he has had seriously enough of your lil girl, he will let her know, and she WILL get the hint. I'd actually try not to let it get *that * far though, you kinda gotta come at it like Jhera IS a 10 week old puppy, that doesn't know yet when enough is enough.

The biting...ill let someone else address that part. I'm awful with making my words understood.

Ok, the vocalization. My point of view might be different than others. My boy Kohdi is EXTREMELY vocal, he has a woo woo for anything and everything, and I adore it, and so do other people. He greets everyone with a woo woo, even if they are across the street, announces his presence when we walk into stores, vet offices, etc. I absolutely love that about him. If I scold him for anything, he talks back, when he sees I'm pretty serious, he "apologizes" , so for me, I would never stop a husky from being vocal, especially as a puppy. You ask if the attitude is a normal thing, and I'd say yes, it pretty much is, you just never give into it. If she's being put into a time out, you don't back out of it.  There is a fine line though, and with huskies it's harder to distinguish because some of their vocalization can be viewed as aggression, when it's actually not. So when you say "growling", when she's being put in a time out situation, I'm not sure how to advise you...and where I'll stop typing cuz someone here will more than likely be able to word their advice better for you, haha.
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Male Join date : 2014-08-18
Location : Terlingua, Texas

PostSubject: Re: Help with Puppy Behavior   Fri Aug 05, 2016 1:32 am

Hi Kae ... since Artic_Wind abdicated his throne, I'll see if I can pick up the crown ...

First off, you use the word bite and then qualify it that Jack "tried to bite her but he never really does".  Believe me, if Jack intended to bite there would have been no "tried" to it.  Jhera's got another month or so on his puppy license.  You can Google that, but in sum it means that most adult dogs will let a puppy get away with mayhem - up to a point (also up until  they reach 4-6 months or so)  As a puppy becomes more and more obnoxious the dog will be tolerant, up to a point, and then they'll issue a correction.  Jacks snap (not bite!) is a correction for a puppy.  As Jhera ages, Jacks corrections will become more severe - they should never draw blood, but if Jhera doesn't start to behave in her socialization with Jack, there'll reach a point where Jack will "put her in her place".  It'll sound like he's going to kill her and eat her for lunch, but neither dog will have a mark on them when they calm down (well, okay, maybe a minor scrape)

Now, to clarify, there are air snaps - it's obvious that there's no attempt at making contact.
There are snaps where Jack will come close to Jhera but make no contact.
There are nips where Jack will make contact, it's almost like it's a pinch.  No blood, but there'll probably be a yelp from Jhera.
A full on correction will look and sound like a dog fight but you'll realize that, again, there's no blood.

As an example, I have a male Alaskan Husky who's probably 3 inches taller than my female Sibe Sasha - Sasha is the queen here.  She does what she wants, she goes where she wants.  Avalanche got too close to her food bowl one day while Sasha was eating and Sasha literally drove him across the room and into a corner and then walked off to finish her meal.  It sounded like Sasha was going to eat him for lunch, and I think he was convinced she was, too but no harm done - she was simply guarding her food and he got too close.

Watch Jack and Jhera interact and I think you'll see what I'm saying ... Jack can teach her to behave quicker and easier in some matters a lot better than you can.  (( This BTW is why we strongly recommend that pups stay with their puppy pack until they're about 10 weeks old.  It's during this time that they normally learn "manners" ))

And another BTW, Jack doesn't dislike Jhera - Jhera doesn't know how to behave "doggy style" and Jack's doing his best to correct that -- you really should let him.
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Female Join date : 2016-07-04
Location : Orlando, FL

PostSubject: Re: Help with Puppy Behavior   Fri Aug 05, 2016 11:01 am

Hi Artic_Wind, the yorkie is 5-7 years old. My MIL is not so sure because she got him from her aunt a year ago and apparently the aunt wasn't sure of his age for some reason. Jack doesn't have any issues, he is taken to the vet for check ups and rabies shots and he seems to be a healthy little dog so far. I totally agree with you in that vocalization is healthy, it's how they communicate and I never give in when I hear her being desperate in time out. She is only there for 5 minutes if she is calm, we only take her out when she is calm. The growls were just little growls followed by a bark, she doesn't growl at us though, she only acted that way in the bathroom that time.

aljones, hi . Yes, I see what you mean with the puppy license. Jack is a very patient and extremely kind dog, he would never hurt a soul and although he has snapped at Jhera, he hasn't gone to the extreme (he did make her yelp once but she still continued to play) The problem is that he is always hiding from her at my MIL's house, he hides underneath my MIL's bed and only comes out once in a while so even though they are in the same place, they don't really get to interact too much because he is always hiding even under the sofas. They were forced to interact when I took care of Jack because Jack doesn't have a place to hide in my apt. so he had to deal with her. I just worry that Jhera will soon be WAY bigger and still disrespecting Jack (he is so tiny) because instead of showing her that enough is enough, he hides. Maybe we shouldn't let Jack hide anymore? I don't want to stress him out either though. *sigh* just want them to get along before Jhera is a big husky.
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PostSubject: Re: Help with Puppy Behavior   

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Help with Puppy Behavior

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