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 My husky (Jill)

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Count Alexander

Join date : 2016-09-22

PostSubject: My husky (Jill)    Mon Oct 03, 2016 10:18 am

My husky, whose name is Jill, has had puppies in the past. She was taken away from them by her previous owner and she was abandoned, never to see them again. I noticed she wants a puppy but is spayed, so in the future I am thinking about either adopting her a puppy or buying her a puppy so she is happy. I'm gonna go with an Alaskan malamute or Siberian husky depending on her overall personality.

Any advice?
Is this a good decision or no?

How I know she wants a puppy is every time she hears a husky pup howl on tv, her eyes get huge and she walks to the tv trying to get it out. It's sad really... She's stopped that now, but I know she misses her puppies. And it's only husky and malamute pups. It looks like her last litter I think, but I can't be sure for certain.
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Female Join date : 2013-06-14
Location : Missouri

PostSubject: Re: My husky (Jill)    Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:15 pm

If she was doing the howling near when she was spayed it is more likely a combination of instinct and hormones that bring on the howling. My girl has a bad spay and when she is at a cycling time she cries at every puppy sound there is. She in no way wants an actual puppy. In fact she hated the the puppy we tried to get her. If she is good with small dogs then you maybe able to add a rescue puppy or one from a responsible breeder, but don't get a pup simply because you think she is sad about not having hers. Dogs don't really think that way. It's biology making those noises. Having a play date with dogs her own age and some socialization will help her through her hormonal moments and when you are ready for dog two you will know better whether a puppy or adult will fit you both.

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Male Join date : 2016-09-01
Location : Pierre, SD

PostSubject: Re: My husky (Jill)    Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:20 pm

Wow, so many sad stories this morning...

Do you have other dogs, or is the Husky the only one? Not that it makes a difference here, but I'm curious if it's general loneliness (no pack to run with), or really puppy focused. How does she do when other huskies are on TV?

Also, make sure you aren't projecting human emotion onto your dog, or interpreting a dog's behavior through human perspective.

I can't think of any negative side effect of introducing a puppy to your household directly, but you need to think about your situation. While introducing a new puppy into Jill's life might help her with one issue, will it hurt in other ways? Do you have time for 2 dogs? Do you have the finances for two dogs? Do you have room for two dogs? Puppies and adult dogs have varying needs for diet, med care, exercise, would you be able to meet all those needs? Keep in mind that eventually you will have 2 adult huskies.

Assuming that has all been thought out, and you pull the trigger on this idea, make sure to do it thoughtfully. See if you can get Jill some time with puppies to make sure she's got the right behavior around them. Assuming she does, make sure you intro the new puppy to her on neutral ground so she doesn't feel like the puppy is invading her territory. Supervise interactions for awhile also. She may have the desire to be a mom, but without the experience she may be too rough. I've seen documentaries on doing this with apes and sometimes it works well, other times the adult female kills the baby weeks later after being a good mom for awhile. I've never seen anything about doing it with dogs.

Also, consider the possibility that it may not be what she really wants for her life. My wife gets baby fever every time she sees a newborn child, but 10 minutes with our 4 year old quickly cures that affliction. A quick craving may just be recalling fond memories and not a desire to repeat that entire experience. On the other end of the spectrum, I've also dealt with people that suffer from continual baby fever. They have 8+ kids and constantly want more because they LOVE babies, but they don't really have any desire to spend time with their children past the age of 1 or 2. Hopefully Jill isn't like this or you'll need a constant supply of husky puppies....
You must also consider that she may not ultimately bond with the puppy as a mother/child. Dogs do seem to have a connection to their own blood relatives at times, and you may not be able to replicate this.

All in all, if you are carful with the introduction, the worst case scenario is that you have 2 dogs instead of one and she still has unfulfilled desires.
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Count Alexander

Join date : 2016-09-22

PostSubject: Re: My husky (Jill)    Mon Oct 03, 2016 2:09 pm

Very excited somebody replied so soon Smile
I currently have 3 dogs and a cat. But she tends to shy away from my boxer (11y ~6m) and staffy(1y ~2m) because they are very hyper.
My plan is in the next year or so to get her some interaction with puppies and see if thats what she wants. And if so then yeah I will consider it, I have it all though out and when I decide to get her a puppy my boxer will have passed away from age so probably in about 4 years or so and that would make Jill around 7-8 yrs old. And yes I have it all thought out expense wise. But what gets me is it is only with husky pups, not other breeds... We'll except for the malamute. So I'm not sure how to take it, my thought was maybe she misses her pups and wants to be reunited, but sadly that's a no go... On the reunion that is... Tried to find the jerk who cut the tips of her ears and took her away from her pups, but nothing. You can tell the pups were still feeding before he was abandoned. So idk. But anyhow she does have anxiety, and that recently led to her falling off my dad bed twice when I was walking out the room cause she was scared I was leaving the room and now she is scared of me getting her off beds and chairs cause she thinks she will fall again. Huskies are fragile, Jill is a special kind of fragile. Over reactive too... especially when it comes to potty breaks. So yea, thanks for the advice and I will try the whole puppy introduction on neutral grounds Smile
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Count Alexander

Join date : 2016-09-22

PostSubject: Re: My husky (Jill)    Mon Oct 03, 2016 2:13 pm

Ps: I have to pick her up now or help her downor up. I think she believes it is her vestigial dew claw because it has got caught on my bed once, but who knows.

I might get it removed since it's causing more harm than good, and worry for me. Seriously what if she gets hurt? So yea gonna be tit removed after her HW treatment is over at the beginning of next year
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PostSubject: Re: My husky (Jill)    

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My husky (Jill)

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