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 It's coming to an end...

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Female Join date : 2016-09-04
Location : Myrtle Beach

PostSubject: It's coming to an end...   Tue Oct 25, 2016 2:15 pm

Hey guys! With Matthew, we ended up being not online quite as much, so I haven't been posting. But I thought you guys would like to know we are doing great, and the girls are just splendid. A change in Kairo's diet seems to have stopped ALL poop eating (though I haven't tested that theory with the cat pan yet...).

DJ come's home this weekend, Friday or Saturday. So my time with Kairo is coming to a close. I have some worries - Kairo has developed even worse separation anxiety. I've begun trying to decouple them by taking them on separate walks for all walks, and she loses it. I think today was the first time she may have remained calm, but I think it's just because she knows we are coming back. I don't know what she's going to do with DJ's long days of work.

Anyway, here are some catchup photos. You can see the difference in my dog already!

Hurricane Matthew
We fled from Myrtle Beach to Charleston (not downtown, where it flooded, but Goose Creek which is North Charleston and a good 30 miles inland - we faired much better there than if we had stayed at home). Gosh the girls are gems. Neither have gotten really stir crazy.

My parents and I walked the dogs on a sort of rotation. This was the only time I didn't have to go out - it was just before the worst of the storm. Their squinty faces say it all - it was super gusty and they still went out like troopers. Ember didn't even shy away from the rain - she ran out, did her business, walked around a little bit to stretch, then ran back.

The building right behind the tree is where we are staying...

And here the red car is parked right in front of that building. (Yes, the silver car is literally under a tree - and the owners had just bought that car a week ago - it had almost 0 damage, amazingly)

And the poor dog's walking area...

Driving around to scout out the damage, on our way to running around my parent's business's fenced in lot. Ember pulls out her fear face for the camera every single time - right before she noticed the camera she had Kairo's expression.

Running around the lot in the aftermath. Ember had just stopped to check in with me and was watching Kairo refuse to come on command (we're still working on that).

Again, Miss Drama Queen. She was chilling and looking real comfy until I pulled out my camera. They really did quite well - they are now running around the living room chewing on each other while I try to get a normal work day in.

This past week
They are really going to have a hard time when the fluffy one goes home...

Cat spotted...

The face only a mother could love...

Forget ball obsession... MOM OBSESSION! (stupid phone camera doesn't like close ups)

This was the first time she didn't flinch away from the camera!
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Male Join date : 2014-07-23
Location : San Diego, California

PostSubject: Re: It's coming to an end...   Tue Oct 25, 2016 8:06 pm

Only a couple of the pics are loading for me Sad glad you guys are all ok though!

I can't really comment on your time with Kairo coming to an end Sad it's one of those bittersweet things where yay, DJ is home and Kairo will be ecstatic but then there's you and Ember, all bummed. You want us to help you find a new husky puppy!? Razz it'll all work out, times you guys get back together will be awesome. Good luck with everything and like we told you earlier, we hope you still hang out in here Smile
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Female Join date : 2013-06-14
Location : Missouri

PostSubject: Re: It's coming to an end...   Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:19 pm

Glad you guys made it through in one piece. It'll take some transition time to go back to being huskiless. Hopefully you can dog sit every now and then so everyone doesn't miss each other too much.

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Female Join date : 2016-09-04
Location : Myrtle Beach

PostSubject: Re: It's coming to an end...   Tue Oct 25, 2016 11:19 pm

I've learned (and am now okay with the fact) that I'm just not a Husky person. I love Kairo dearly. She's going to be missed, for sure. And I will probably be getting her back again for any deployment he has until he marries (apparently he's looking at a 6 month deployment starting in January... oye). However, I am honestly ready to have my house back. I'm tired of tripping over baby gates. I want my cat back in the living space. And I would like to sit and breath without a super fuzzy wolf-face staring over my laptop at me with a droolie toy dripping on my keyboard.

But I have learned so much with her, and she has done wonders for Ember. We will definitely miss her until her next visit.
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Female Join date : 2014-06-26
Location : west Texas

PostSubject: Re: It's coming to an end...   Wed Oct 26, 2016 3:30 pm

Christina, so glad y'all are safe. And wow time flies. Smile I am happy tho that Kairo made a positive influence over Ember, that doesn't happen often, lmao.
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PostSubject: Re: It's coming to an end...   

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It's coming to an end...

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