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 9 week puppy loose stools, HELP ME!!!

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Female Join date : 2017-11-20

PostSubject: 9 week puppy loose stools, HELP ME!!!   Mon Nov 20, 2017 7:30 pm

Hey guys.

I am new to this forum and also a new husky mummy.  I am absolutely in love with these dogs and have wanted one for such a long time that my partner got me one for my 30th birthday there.  She's a lovely wee black and white called Luna.

I got her last week when she was 8 weeks old from a couple who had not meant for their two huskies to breed, but it happened and they ended up with a litter of 5.

we travelled 2 hours to collet her and brought her home.  she had no issues with coming in the car, or the new house she was brought into.  she was very relaxed and seemed to take to me, my partner and my son with no hesitation what so ever.

She had only had her first set of injections when we got her, so I contacted my local vet to see about when she was due her next set injections and about worming her.  The vet weighed her and gave me two worming tablets and told me to give them to Luna with her food.  At this point I was slowly changing Lunas food from a cheap brand the breeders had been feeding her (they gave me a small bag to do the change but never said what it was) to James Wellbeloved puppy food.  It is the turkey with rice flavour.  Following the instructions on the bag of dog food I have been feeding Luna 210gms over a 3 meal period in 24hours.  She is fed every day at 7am, 12pm and 5pm, 70gms a time.  She always looks for more!!!

My problem starts here... The night I gave Luna the worming tablets, I noticed 2 big worms in a well formed poop.  I looked at the other poops she had left, which were very runny compared to the poops she had been used to doing and seen no more worms in any of the other stools.  I looked at few forums that said this was normal after worming and it should clear up after a couple of days and to expect some runny stools while the tablets did their job.

its now 6 days later and the stools r still runny and in wee amounts, like droplets, rather than a well formed stool.  I looked at the stool chart for pets and I would say it is ranking a 6, rather than the healthy 2.

So my question is.... is this an effect of the worming or am I maybe over feeding Luna as I have also read that these guidelines on puppy food aren't really the best guides and over feeding can lead to soft stools.  I also am wondering if James well beloved is maybe the issue.  I choose this food for Luna, as we previously owned a Japanese Akita called Ellie who was put on this food following advise from a vet for her breed.  Ellie loved the food and never had a days trouble with it.  And it is the easiest found food of its quality here in Northern Ireland.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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Male Join date : 2017-03-30
Location : Toronto, Ontario, Canada

PostSubject: Re: 9 week puppy loose stools, HELP ME!!!   Mon Nov 20, 2017 11:05 pm

Hi Lunas.mum!

It looks like you've only had your puppy for a week, and with the dewormer, change in diet, and the actual presence of worms, it's a lot for a puppy to have to adjust to. I would honestly not be too concerned.

Give it another week and see if the poop solidifies. If not, I would maybe switch him to another brand of food that maybe isn't so rice intensive? While the ingredients used in your dog food is of high quality, I find it weird that 30+% of the kibble is rice based. Which means it's all just filler. I feed my dog raw so it's comprised of only meats and/or vegetables. But even when I was feeding Echo kibble, it was 85% meat, 15% vegetables, and no grains. The brand of food you buy does offer grain free formulas. Perhaps you might consider those? Huskies have quite sensitive stomachs. Grain intensive diets often are culprits of soft stools.

In the meantime, I might suggest you add pure pumpkin to his kibble to solidify his stools? It's an easy, cheap all natural quick fix to runny poops. You can find canned pure pumpkin in your baking aisle at any grocery store. Just make sure the ingredients listed is only 100% pumpkin. Don't get the stuff with sugar, etc...added to it...that's only going to cause MORE diarrhea =P. At his size, 1 tsp of pure pumpkin per meal should do the trick.

Good luck!

P.S. Puppy...sooooo cute!

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Female Join date : 2017-11-20

PostSubject: Re: 9 week puppy loose stools, HELP ME!!!   Tue Nov 21, 2017 4:52 am

Hi Husky911

Thanks for your reply. I will definitely look into the grain free formulas of this food, cause like I say its the best and easiest found high quality food we can get here.

I will definitely give her another week and see. She had a stool there this morning that was definitely more formed than it has been so maybe we are getting through the woods here.
I was allowing it would be how much I was feeding her rather than he brand cause she seemed to have firm stools right through the change over of food.

Thanks again. Hopefully we are getting on the right track

Your wee puppy there looks even cuter!!!
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Female Join date : 2013-06-14
Location : Missouri

PostSubject: Re: 9 week puppy loose stools, HELP ME!!!   Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:11 pm

That food is fairly low protein (21%) and very high carb (54%). If things don't get better lean toward something with a higher protein rate closer to 30% if you can find it and grain free. Rule of thumb over here is make sure the first ingredient on the bag is meat then go from there. You may also see some benefit in adding a probiotic such as keifer to his meals to help sooth his worm and med addled GI.

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Join date : 2018-07-30

PostSubject: Re: 9 week puppy loose stools, HELP ME!!!   Wed Aug 01, 2018 7:43 pm

If your puppy had worms there is a chance it may also have Giardiasis.  When I got my puppy the breeder said he was wormed. Two weeks later I wormed him he was riddled with fully formed worms he passed the worms dead over a few days. He them had very loose stools that did not clear up for weeks. I took him to the vet the vet said if he had one parasite then the chances were high he had  Giardiasis which can be common in puppies.  I got the treatment for it and the loose stools cleared up no problem.  I would get the puppy checked out
Google Giardiasis
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PostSubject: Re: 9 week puppy loose stools, HELP ME!!!   

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9 week puppy loose stools, HELP ME!!!

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