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 Biting- I don't know what to do anymore

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Join date : 2017-11-23

PostSubject: Biting- I don't know what to do anymore   Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:02 pm

So this happened today. I have an 11 week old siberian husky puppy, and man oh man do his teeth hurt. If i could scales his mouthing from 1-10 it would have to be a 10. When he mouths me, most of the time he does NOT hold back. It is absolutely crazy. SO the story of the picture is that on weekdays, i go to work and leave him with my mom while im working. When i come back from work i pick him up. Today, as im entering the house to pick him up, i get down on my knees to greet him as i usually do and he's gets excited as he usually does. (ears down, tail wagging, jumping up at me.) When he's this excited he's constaantly trying to grab me with his teeth, pull on my coat sleeves and pull on em like it's tug of war. Today he got a bit too close to my face and one of his needle, dagger, death, sharp, needle, knife, killing dagger, killing needle, killing knife, murdering machete, murdering murderer teeth caught on to my chin and dragged down creating this painful wound you see in the picture. I love him so much, so so much but I just don't know what to do. I have looked up every single method that is known to the internet and have tried it and nothing works. Nothing. THe only time he licks me is when he's sleeping and i go to say hi or when he very calm, that's it.
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Female Join date : 2013-04-08
Location : Alabama

PostSubject: Re: Biting- I don't know what to do anymore   Tue Jan 23, 2018 12:45 am

Do NOT greet him when you go to pick him up, wait 5 or 10 minutes and let him settle down before you even acknowledge him. Getting on the ground will only make him more excited so stay calm when you do talk to him. Make rules for the two of you to follow. He doesn't get attention when he is acting up and if he is so excited he's grabbing on your clothes, put him in time out, just a quick one-two minute time out (any longer and he will forget why he's in there), but when you let him out if hes still doing it, put him back in time out.

Also you don't reward the bad behavior, remember your attention is a reward, just like counter surfing is a hard habit to break because they are getting rewarded in the moment. Make sure you are not being his reward when he is mouthing you. There are probably many posts on here with different methods on how to fix puppy biting, there is no one right way, different dogs respond to different training so look around at what everyone says. But this is how I would handle it. Good Luck! Puppy teeth suck!
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Misty Mia Husky
Misty Mia Husky

Female Join date : 2017-09-19
Location : Indiana

PostSubject: Re: Biting- I don't know what to do anymore   Tue Jan 23, 2018 4:07 pm

Adding to Alyne's excellent advice -- I knew a woman with an otherwise very sweet and well-behaved Whippet that did the exact same thing.  Afterward, in addition to doing most of the things Alyne suggested, she established a rule that the Whippet's face was no longer allowed near her face -- no licking, no kisses, no nothing.  The Whippet learned real quick to behave himself, because he was no longer having fun.

Misty once punched me in the face with her face, so now her face isn't allowed near my face.
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Female Join date : 2013-12-20

PostSubject: Re: Biting- I don't know what to do anymore   Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:25 pm

I will add...keep a leash on him ALL the time. Any and all interaction begins with a sit, prompted if need be by a gentle leash tug. Get yourself a pair of insulted leather work gloves to wear while working with him. Use the the leash to guide his behavior...as soon add he gets mouthy, a quick verbal uh uh, a slight tug " the leash and wait for him to sit and calm down. Then resume interaction. At this point in his development, too much freedom is a liability. For now, you want to promote calmness.

As one who went through this with 2 slightly older, completely untrained huskies, it doses get better. But until it does, leather gloves, heavy jacket, watchful eyes and fast reflexes are your best friend.
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PostSubject: Re: Biting- I don't know what to do anymore   

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Biting- I don't know what to do anymore

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