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 wireless yard fencing

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Female Join date : 2017-09-02
Location : Nebraska

PostSubject: wireless yard fencing   Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:33 am

We love our rescue husky, Yukon. she is 16 months and we have had her for 9. we live near a lake on 5 acres. Three times in the past 2 months she has run off and neighbors have found her. We are thinking of investing in a electric fence of some type. can anyone help us to know if this will work on a husky? Best type to get? She always goes to the lake. This lake is about 1/2 mile away. She has to cross a highway to get to the lake. She will end up hit, if we cant find a way to make her stay on our property. any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Female Join date : 2013-12-20

PostSubject: Re: wireless yard fencing   Mon Apr 09, 2018 12:32 pm

I use wired invisible fence with great success. The trading is the key, and proofing. Here is a thread that I posted a lot about installation and training. I don't recommend the wireless invisible fence. We tried it, the boundary is unstable, changing a bit day to day making it difficult for dog to know exactly where to strip. Also the range is small.
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Female Join date : 2013-06-14
Location : Missouri

PostSubject: Re: wireless yard fencing   Mon Apr 09, 2018 1:39 pm

I used to have the Stay and Play wireless fence system. As long as you don't have a metal roof on your house or it's really hilly it works great. Our current house has a big fence so I gave my stay and play to my parents who have two dogs on it. Our current neighbors also have two dogs on one. Both have worked great once you find the setting that works for your individual dog. Mine covered an acre round so you wouldn't be able to let her run the full 5 acres with one.

Pros and Cons of wireless


Easy and fast install. Just plug it in and start training the dog to it.

Dog can't run through it. When they reach the end of the boundary it bites and will keep biting until they return or up to 45 seconds.

Fairly cheap

Can run a lot of collars on it.

If it's not working (power outage or malfunction) it has an alarm that tells you.


Signal interference if near metal roofs or metal buildings

Signal movement if in a very hilly area

Smaller area covered

I have also had the wired systems like Amy. They have come a ways since the old one I had but the concept pretty much remains the same. We had luck with the wired system too but a lot more maintenance and work to install and keep it running for us.

Pros and Cons of Wired


Pretty cheap

Pretty much endless shapes, sizes and configurations of boundaries can be installed.

Several collars can be attached.

No interference with metal buildings or hilly geography.


Dogs can run through it. Biggest problem we had was the dog would just put her head down and run through it and then the bite was over and she was loose. It wasn't a continual zap. If she really wanted out she knew she only had to bear the bite once which she could usually do even on the high setting if the lure was enough.

Critters can chew and break the wires and you won't necessarily know that the fence isn't working until the dog is loose. (this might be fixed on the newer systems. I'm not sure if they have built in an alarm yet.

Can be difficult to find breaks in the wire if doing a large area.

Time intensive to install.

As with either system training is key. They have to know where the boundary is and what the warnings of the system mean. As long as your dog understands that the beep means it is nearing its boundary, even if the wireless system has moved for some varying reason, they should still pick up where the new boundary is for the day because they will still get a beep as they draw closer to the boundary. Another thing to be aware of is that while any electric fence system can keep your dog protected from running off the systems do not protect your dog from something coming to them such as other people or wild animals, so definitely take the complete hazards of your area into account before deciding on an electric system.

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Female Join date : 2013-12-20

PostSubject: Re: wireless yard fencing   Mon Apr 09, 2018 2:46 pm

The new ones have "run through" protection - like Jenn's wireless, the correction continues in intervals, at increasing levels, until the dog returns. No correction for returning. Check out the Pet Safe Yard Max, a DIY kind of system. Will do up to 10 acres.
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Male Join date : 2016-09-01
Location : Pierre, SD

PostSubject: Re: wireless yard fencing   Tue Apr 10, 2018 10:56 am

I would be curious about the current set up of the OPs yard and if there are other options to take also. I'm not saying invisible fencing is a bad idea, I've used it myself with a particularly intelligent escape artist of a dog.

What do you have now to keep the dog in? Fence? How high is it? What type of fence is it? How is the dog getting out? Climbing, digging, jumping? You may have an easy to solve issue that may not require invisible fencing. Or there may be an issue you want to fix in addition to getting an invisible fence system.
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PostSubject: Re: wireless yard fencing   

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wireless yard fencing

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