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 Desperate to help our beautiful girl

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Female Join date : 2018-06-14
Location : Arkansas

PostSubject: Re: Desperate to help our beautiful girl    Sun Jul 01, 2018 10:03 am

Yes, rawhide is a bad idea. Rawhide is NOT digestible and, it swells when it gets wet. If a dog swallows too large a piece, it can cause a blockage that requires surgery to remove. For Dakota, I'd give her one of the non edible Nylabones - something she can chew on but can't break apart and eat. Get one of the BIG POWER CHEWS for her, or one of the Football Double Action Chews that way she can chew without upsetting her diet.

Once you get the diet under control and, assuming chicken is fine for her, see if you like Better Than Ears and Dream Bones. I also like Member's Mark (Sams Club Brand) Grain Free Dog Treats for dog biscuits. Coconut, Pea, Pumpkin, Peanut Butter, that's it. Simple and, my dogs love them plus, even with a meat sensitivity, like chicken, a dog with a touchy digestive system can likely still have those.

Mine get bully sticks (or the homemade version there of when we butcher a steer ourselves), raw bones, marrow bones if I have them, Better Than Ears, Dream Bones, Busy Bones, Nola Chews and, tongue jerky from hog, cow or, deer tongues that I make myself for them.

Of course, with a cattle rancher for my daughter's father in law, spring is cutting and branding time so, then the dogs get to feast on mountain oysters when we do the cutting and branding.

I've yet to have one that has a problem with the foods I give them. I've seen tons of dogs have problems with field corn, the stuff in lower quality dog foods. Poor dogs pooping 5-6 times a day, huge poops and, the owners don't realize that isn't right - too much indigestible content in the food they are eating. My pups need to learn to eat seasonally, much like they would in the wild. I eat seasonally, especially for my meat so summer is more fish than anything else, with something else only twice a week. Fall is deer season, winter is good for rabbit - they don't have such bad cases of fleas then. Hogs are nice and lean in the spring and, if I have time, I can got get snow geese in the fall too. I raise the chickens and rabbits so, there is always some of that to go around.
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Female Join date : 2017-11-15
Location : Tampa, Fl

PostSubject: Re: Desperate to help our beautiful girl    Sun Jul 01, 2018 11:11 pm

So I don't know a whole lot about food an digestive problems, but even though everyone else has made you feel better about her size and weight, I'm here to help even more haha. My pup just turned 9 months and is about 29 pounds and skinny and small enough that I'm always getting comments on it. She gets(and typically eats) 2 cups of Victor dog food a day but she self feeds as she needs it so I usually put 2 cups out in the morning and sometimes she eats it all during the day and others there will be up to a full cup still left in her bowl the next morning. Dakota looks healthy, yes small, but healthy as you can't see her ribs in an unhealthy way and she still has plenty of time to fill out and grow. Being medium breeds, they aren't suppose to be the huge 70-100 pound "huskies" (usually part mal at that point but no one admits it or knows because they are told they were pure) that you typically see anymore and also females are generally smaller anyways. Here's a pic of my girl to show you that she's rather skinny even at 9 months. All her littermate(5 girls in her litter) are 38-50 pounds already and my girl isn't a runt, but is just small. They all have their own body types and growth rates. Hope I helped a little more Smile
*PS: She's a little skinnier today than normal because she hadn't eaten too much the past three days while we were gone and left her with the breeder for a few days so she'd be in good care while we were traveling. But she's still skinny and you can lightly see her ribs when she's stretched out even when she's eating 2 full cups a day*
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Female Join date : 2013-06-14
Location : Missouri

PostSubject: Re: Desperate to help our beautiful girl    Mon Jul 02, 2018 10:45 am

Please keep posts here on topic to Monika's situation and concerns. She has been given some great advice on where to start but until she has had a chance to try that advice please do not go down the rabbit hole of dog food in her thread. I have split the discussion into its own topic where you can discuss the scientific evidence of ingredients in some dog food and how they may affect dogs with sensitive stomachs to your hearts content. You can delve deeper there. Thank you. Good luck, Monika! Hope to here your baby is doing better soon.

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Join date : 2018-01-11
Location : North Carolina, USA

PostSubject: Re: Desperate to help our beautiful girl    Fri Jul 06, 2018 11:50 am

Momof3&asibe wrote:

I am curious as I was researching the site you had mentioned called DogFoodAdvisor and I noticed the Merrick brand on it. I see it had a high rating and they do have a Grain Free puppy texas beef & sweet potato dry food as well as real buffalo and sweet potato.  I recall when we 1st got our pup speaking online with an old friend who gives her dog Merrick brand as he had a sensitive stomach but he is a labradoodle but regardless she said this food worked the best for him.  I was just wondering if anyone has used the Merrick brand and what results did they have.

Rumo ate Merrick Grain Free for months. It is well-regarded, and seemed to be good for him. If your dog's digestion might be sensitive to grains, it might be worth a try? I don't know if vet has discussed with you about possible grain sensitivities/food allergies, etc. Merrick is on the pricey end... check if your family budget can handle it!

We eventually switched to Kirkland brand since we are Costco members and the ingredients seem to be good -
Rumo likes it and is doing fine on it.
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Join date : 2018-01-11
Location : North Carolina, USA

PostSubject: Re: Desperate to help our beautiful girl    Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:52 pm

Hmm, so here's what I would try if she were my pup...

Stop eating Hills and try the natural easily-digestible "bland diet" kind of foods that members have suggested (boiled chicken, rice, yogurt, pumpkin). (boiled chicken + white rice always worked magic for Rumo.) Wait, wait, for a few days & see if her tummy feels better....?

If tummy is getting better, add a bit of quality kibble to each meal. Wait, wait, & see for a few days how her tummy reacts....? If her tummy accepts, then gradually use more & more kibble until meal has shifted to all kibble.

If that doesn't work - I'd research Raw feeding and then try that! ( I think Raw is great, but as a busy freelancer and Mom who cooks for the family 5-6x a week, sourcing & planning raw foods for the dog isn't something I want to do right now)

If Raw didn't work, at that point I would be back at the vet's...for more testing. :-(

I am no expert, just somebody who has survived a few bouts of doggy diarrhea.

Hope she will feel better soon!

I know that for me, when I worry over something, it feels better to have an "action plan" (like above) to follow.
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PostSubject: Re: Desperate to help our beautiful girl    

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Desperate to help our beautiful girl

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