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 huskies in Desert (Middle East)

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Male Join date : 2018-08-07
Location : doha

PostSubject: huskies in Desert (Middle East)   Tue Aug 07, 2018 5:43 am

I have a 5 months female husky pup who's lineage goes to 4 generations born and bred in Qatar (Middle East). I adopted my mika from them since they had too many pups to handle. Since its always hot in here, I have limited time for her to get enough exercise outside. we make sure that she get 1 hr exercise in the morning and another 1 hour in the evening. But she is still very active at home when we are not there since we both go to work. we have to take out our carpets since she poops on it when she is alone. We have trips to ikea almost every month to buy a new furniture because she chews all the legs of our dining table set and our couch. we havent planned to get professional help bcoz we want her to obey us.
I need your help to how can we control her excitement and keep our furniture safe. We cant keep her tied to a leash or a crate since she barks a lot (still havent learned how to howl) and we get lots of complaints from our elderly neighbours. we tried to get her out to socialize with other dogs but that also didnt work to control her excitement.

My boss suggested to get a cat or another dog to keep her company but my wife is allergic to cats and we dont have permission from our residential complex to keep more than one pet also our place isnt big enough to accomodate another dog.

Need some guidance urgently.
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Female Join date : 2018-06-14
Location : Arkansas

PostSubject: Re: huskies in Desert (Middle East)   Tue Aug 07, 2018 10:18 am

First, get bitter apple or bitter cherry spray to stop the furniture chewing. Next, make sure she has plenty of appropriate chews.

Now train her to use dog pads or a dog litter box in the house and, until she is trained, confine her to one room, like the kitchen or bathroom, when you can't be home to supervise her.

In short, set her up to succeed at being a more or less housebound husky. It can be done. My pack of wolfdogs are all trained to use pads if they cannot get outside for some reason.

Yes, it was trial and error with my first one, but now, with my fourth one at just 18 weeks old, I have it down. I can leave my pack alone and free in the house all day and never worry that anything will be destroyed or, there will be messes on the floor other than in the dog boxes or dog potty station.

When I can, I leave the dog door unlatched so, they can go out into the play yard but, there are days I can't do that and have to leave them inside only, either weather or having to treat the yard for ants and fleas. They have to stay off it for 24 hours then.
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Male Join date : 2018-08-07
Location : doha

PostSubject: Re: huskies in Desert (Middle East)   Tue Sep 04, 2018 5:55 am

Hello Bluemoods,

update on the above matter.

Things are way better than before and bitter spray did wonders. I used apple cider vinegar and it works.
Mika is more responsive to commands and she is always excited to learn more. i stopped feeding her and my wife feeds her now so she obeys my wife as she is the boss of the house.

Regarding the potty training, She trained herself actually. Whenever she poops on the carpet and our bed, my wife will shout at her. And yes it needed more trial and error. Mika tried to poop in different places and looked at my wife's expression. It was really funny to see her face as soon as she poops and staring at my wife. It went on till she pooped on the floor mat near our spare bathroom and my wife gave her a treat. We checked on ebay for litter boxes and got idea from the pet store to get a grass type floor mat and i bought it but she still pees on any regular mat. our carpet is clean as ever and our house has never been this clean. May be changing the feeding habit and having one master worked.

My friends who own huskies too were surprised about the change in her behavior and its a good feeling to get compliments if you're an amateur in dogs.

I did not share her medical background. When we got her from my friend we did not check her with a vet immediately since it was during eid holidays and every Municipal vet hospitals were closed. On her third day she got her first seizure and it was painful to watch her crying for help. we took her to a local pet pharmacist and by then she was passed out and he just gave us some vitamin supplements. She pooped and puked during her first seizure so my wife gave her a bath the following day and it happened again. It was way more intense and longer than before for about 3 mins. And she was crying in pain very badly. So we took her to a residence of a vet doc. he checked her and rushed her to his hospital immediately. We were worried if she had distemper or food poisoning but the blood tests got us nothing. She was on IV for a week and the doc had no answer. She got discharged and i researched a bit about the matter on internet and it led to zinc deficiency. (https://www.snowdog.guru/zinc-deficiency-seizures-huskies/)
we checked mika's parents, they never had history of seizures. But when we saw her siblings they were twice as big and heavy as her. then the care taker said that she was the only female pup and others were male and dominant so she was not fed properly.
ow we include lots of protein in her diet. We did not see her second coat till she was 2 months old.
Now back to present. She eats a lot for a husky and has a gorgeous fur. She is growing as fast as possible she was just 5 pounds 2 months back. Now she is 12 pounds which is i guess normal for a 5 month puppy. I cant keep up with her when we take her out. She is a different husky now.

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Female Join date : 2013-06-14
Location : Missouri

PostSubject: Re: huskies in Desert (Middle East)   Tue Sep 04, 2018 10:53 am

That is great to hear. Glad you figured out the medical issues. We have members here with huskies who seizure issues are genetic and they fight them their whole lives. It's such a hard thing to go through.

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PostSubject: Re: huskies in Desert (Middle East)   

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huskies in Desert (Middle East)

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