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 Pinewood reservoir camping trip 8-7-09

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Husky Stalker

Female Join date : 2009-05-29
Location : Denver, CO

PostSubject: Pinewood reservoir camping trip 8-7-09   Mon Aug 10, 2009 3:34 pm

We got a late start on the road on Fri not leaving till 7pm, but my husband floored it and only took an hour to get to the camp ground. On the way up there we realized we forgot the pillows, oh well guess we will make do and also should have walked the dogs before we left as Jack wanted to be up front with us in the truck and I spent most of the time pushing him back, don’t blame him though as there was not much room back there for the 2 of them. Got to camp at like 8:30 and it was getting dark, set up the tent got the dogs staked into the ground with there 20ft leads and stuck some hotdogs and turkey dogs on sticks and made dinner. My sis and her family were all ready there and had a nice fire going. We called it a night at about 11-11:30. Well Jack was being restless in the tent trying to get out as there were some fox walking around the camp site and coyotes calling in the distance. I then made mistake #1 I opened the tent zipper just a few inches to get the dogs leashes that we left out side and with in that sec. both dogs pushed passed me and out into the campground! My heart flew out of my chest and I screamed at them and they were gone! I put my shoes on and my husband is screaming at me for letting them out and I told him it was not my fought cause I was just trying to get there leashes to calm Jack down. We ran up the road and we could not see them, we yelled there names a few times and Sierra came running at me from over the hill I flung my self at the right time and grabbed a hold of her fur and got her leash on, now were did Jack go? We scrammed some more and he came bolting around the edge of the water and up the hill and Ken was able to stop him, we got the dogs! I thought they were going to be gone forever; my nerves were so high I was shaking! We got them back into the tent and Sierra laid down in the corner of the tent and Jack was not sleeping he just kept walking over us and around the inside of the tent, we had his leash on and kept pulling him down to lay and it never lasted long ken held on him and then it was my turn, I might have gotten 2-3 hrs of sleep that night. Yep the sun was up and the dogs were ready at 7am sat morning. We got up and cooked some eggs and walked down to the water and started fishing, I had an ez up tent I use for my craft shows and we set it up on the rocky beach for some shade on the dogs but they kept getting there leashes tangled in the legs so I never staked down the tent, well later that day I went up to take a nap as we were not catching any fish and I wake up to screaming and a loud banging noise, yep mistake #2 should have tied down the tent! It blew down the beach and the metal bent and broke $200 down the drain, this was turning out to be a $$$$ camping trip. We took the dogs for a walk around the res. and they had fun walking in the water but never getting past the knees. We got back and started dinner, chicken, steak, corn, and potatoes we just sit down to eat and the rain starts! My dinner blew away and the dogs got to eat my chicken. Our tent was blowing in on it self and I ran over and got into it and held it up, must have been at least 30 mph winds as it was pushing on me hard. The tent did not leak and the polls help up good so that made me happy, ken and the dogs joined me in side as the shelter we had out side was no longer keeping the rain off of them. Jack curled up into a ball and went to sleep, I was like no way are you sleeping now and keeping me up again! We kept messing with him but he never budged. The rain stopped my brother in law got the fire started again and we brought out the s’mors and enjoyed them! We were all in bed at 10ish! Both dogs slept thought the night thank god and I was awoken at 7am again to get up and let them out, ate and got the camp packed up. Tried fishing again and nothing took the dogs for another good walk and we were on the road heading home at 2pm. They were happy to be home I think but at the time we thought they were just tired and just laid around the rest of the night, neither of them at much the hole weekend and im not sure why that was but Sierra ate some food when we got home and Jack did not. At 4am this morning I was awoken to Jack hacking up white foam on the carpet; guess he really was not feeling well. He seemed ok this morning when I got up and was picking on Sierra so I hope he eats his food this afternoon while we are gone.

So some things I learned while camping with dogs for the first time.

Walk them before you leave the house
Get to camp early and walk them around there to get familiar with the area and smells
Keep the leashes in the tent with you.
Bring toys and do not eave them out side over night as the wood animals will take them away!
Make sure they have shade
Bring there favorite blanket so they know where to sleep in the tent (it only worked on Sierra)
Enjoy how much fun it is to have them with you
Walk them before you leave camp.

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The Gentleman

Male Join date : 2009-06-16

PostSubject: Re: Pinewood reservoir camping trip 8-7-09   Mon Aug 10, 2009 4:19 pm

Classic! It gets easier by the tenth time. It's that whole generalization thing. Got to work on training in every new environment. The wind and open areas at improved campgrounds are what forced us into the trees for free camping (rules and junk helped too). Glad you got them back quickly after the escape. I wasn't very nice in training that bolting crap. Idiot sled dogs. Well, idiot Husky mostly. Every time we get back from a camping weekend we renew our resolve to NEVER have another Husky. Malamutes are so much easier.

You were nearly right in our backyard. We're about 10-15 minutes from Carter. I could have abandoned Ridik with you! Laughing
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Husky Stalker

Female Join date : 2009-05-29
Location : Denver, CO

PostSubject: Re: Pinewood reservoir camping trip 8-7-09   Mon Aug 10, 2009 4:43 pm

Oh no way! that would have bees so much fun if you would have stoped by, hell what is 1 more dog! there was a Malamute next to us he was huge we drove up and i was like oh my another hushy how cool then we got out of the car and i said hell thats no husky! he was so mellow almost 6 they said.
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The Gentleman

Male Join date : 2009-06-16

PostSubject: Re: Pinewood reservoir camping trip 8-7-09   Mon Aug 10, 2009 4:51 pm

Heh, yeah they're more like duffel bags than dogs. Just take 'em to the spot you want them and walk away. None of that fidgety anxiety driven howling Husky crap. But as much as I loathe the Huskiness, I still adore his dumbass.
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PostSubject: Re: Pinewood reservoir camping trip 8-7-09   

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Pinewood reservoir camping trip 8-7-09

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