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 Wolf Husky Pups

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Female Join date : 2014-06-26
Location : west Texas

PostSubject: Re: Wolf Husky Pups   Wed Sep 16, 2015 1:19 am

Pamela, my rant didn't involve you, or anyone specific here. My rant is because wolf dogs do get a bad rap, just like huskies, heck, just like pit bulls. I try very hard to understand why people label a husky (for instance) as a wolf dog. Most byb's here who sell their husky/"wolf dog" are not in it for profit. I can assure those who read this. Miya was sold to me for $150. I bought her, knowingly that the"breeder" claimed she was a wolf dog, simply because I did not want to see another chained up beautiful dog. I always wanted a husky. My husband seen her and was so excited that he found my dream dog. Then when the "breeder" told me the mom and dad's percentages, I just smiled and went on with my notion, that he was wrong. Because of the insistence that she was, I decided I would research, I am a firm believer, that you must know a dog's breed in order to properly train. Had I read things about husky puppies first, I would have never even went to the wolf dog reading. Her behavior was wolfish, but her behavior as a puppy was husky too, and then when I went on to refreshing my memory of gsd's, it dawned on me. Miya is a husky/gsd. I went to people online, and asked if they could take a look at Miya and give me their opinion on her physical characteristics, because yes, there are some very minor things that "could" say wolf dog, and most people said low or no. This took me 2 years to determine this. I asked questions of those who knew more than myself.

It is painful for me to have a new member come on and ask...is my puppy a husky/wolf, because I do know what to look for, I hate bursting someone's bubble, because I say no. Then I have to ask why are they disappointed that they do not have one? Growing up, mainly my teenage years, we had a gsd/wolf dog. He was nothing that most of this thread has said a wolf dog is, because people just do not understand. Just like some huskies, who are difficult to handle, mainly because they are poorly bred, so too are wolf dogs, or for that matter any breed of dog. I read horror stories of people's wolf dogs being out of control, or to the point unable to contain. I grew up with one that was a big goof ball, and his only issues were people wearing long black coats, and couldn't be off leash, he had huge prey drive, except for our cat.

I did go to the original OP's link they had up, and were asking if they were legit. Ugh, most of the pups were huskies. And this is where my rant came from. Then I encounter here in my town, people with black and white, near breed standard, blue eyed husky, and they say my dog is a wolf dog. I ask, how can we break this cycle? How can we educate people that even if you have a very low content, that one would never know what to do with a very high content? How can people get educated on wolf dogs, when most people can't even educate themselves on pure bred huskies?

This forum, educates people quite well. This forum, helps people who probably should have gotten a different breed of dog. I never knew that this thread existed. I have never expressed my feelings on the subject as much as I did today. I usually mention Miya, and then explain why someones little baby husky, with unknown parentage, is not part wolf, because I wouldn't be able to keep myself composed, if I let one dog ever be traumatized, because, I let a post go, and then said dog gets put down because of someones ignorance. Forgive me for my passion. I would rather have everyone with a "wolf dog" be completely silent about it, then to know they mentioned it, and that dog is taken away.

I hope you and others understand. It is not my intention to make anyone feel bad. It is my intention to educate. To break stereotypes. I also, am desperate to understand, why so many people want to believe they have a wolf dog? Why do people have such a desire to announce to everyone they have one, even if they don't? Why do so many think having one is so "cool"? I may be wrong, but I really do believe that the love you give your dog, is what makes your dog so loving. Bo who was gsd/wolf was no more nor no less loving to me than Miya who is husky/gsd. Maybe I see dogs differently than others.
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Female Join date : 2013-06-14
Location : Missouri

PostSubject: Re: Wolf Husky Pups   Wed Sep 16, 2015 3:51 pm

This in a nutshell makes your point, Renee. This is a petition currently going around seeking signatures to stop the destruction of a dog that looks like it is wolf. It looks nearly identical to Miya. Basically, if it is wolf it will be put down because they can't adopt it out. Not sure to what extent this shelter will go to in order to prove it isn't wolf, but people are trying to get it out of there at least.

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Female Join date : 2014-06-26
Location : west Texas

PostSubject: Re: Wolf Husky Pups   Wed Sep 16, 2015 4:03 pm

Jenn, thanks!! I never sign petitions, but I had to this time, she indeed looks like my Miya, and I would go to the ends of this earth to protect my girl and any one elses. Thanks again for sharing.
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Husky Pups   

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Wolf Husky Pups

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