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 RIP Saber!

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Female Join date : 2012-09-09
Location : Southern Ohio

PostSubject: RIP Saber!   Wed Dec 19, 2012 5:25 pm

It has taken me a very long time to even write this as every time I start I cannot finish because I am overcome with emotion. Its funny to think though, that 2 amazing Siberian Huskies later just how my heart break all over again every time I think about Saber!

As a child I had 2 GSD, but after my mother and step father separated and we moved 400 miles from Southern Ohio, to Central North Carolina the dogs ended up being left behind. It was heart breaking to lose two of the only friends that I, at 14, felt like I had. The house that we were temporally renting in NC had a firm no pet policy so for the 4 years that we lived there we lived pet-less. I always felt a part of me that was still empty but my mothers hands were tied. Finally 5 years later after my mother re-married we moved to a house in the middle of the county and could finally have a dog. At time point in time I was almost 19 years old, but was still very much heart broken after leaving my 2 GSD dogs in Ohio years before. We started our search through the GSD Rescue of NC in hopes to find a female GSD that was around 2 years old. Not long after my mother received an email from one of the founders of the rescue asking for help in fostering a male senior dog that was going to be put down very soon and all GSRA fosters were full. The shelter in Wilmington, NC had said he was not worth saving because he was old and heart worm positive but as we all know GSRA believes all dogs are worth saving. My mother and step-father talked about it and decided that this was the right thing to do, never knowing that our lives were about to take an unexpected change for the better. So on that beautiful fall day in November 2009, Andrea and Cathie brought OB to us and we all knew immediately that this boy was something special. He was called OB because of his very distinct overbite. We adopted OB in January 2010 and changed his name to Saber. He had his forever home.

Saber had the best manners. Never once did he get in the trash, chew a shoe, still food off your plate, get on the counters, mess in the house or do any of the things you expect a dog might do. How could anyone have thrown this boy away or say he didn’t deserve to be saved? Oh so what if he didn’t like baths, having his nails cut, getting brushed and you could just forget getting that toothbrush near him. He was still the perfect companion. He loved his toys and took care of them like a mother looking after her young. All 95 pounds of him would roll around on his back with all 4 legs in air. He wanted to be with his people and would follow his dad around like there was an invisible string attached to his back. Car rides were the best, along with walks down by the lake. He loved to swim, run and play even though he knew how much pain it caused him. He took his medicines like a champ everyday, except that leaky bladder pill that he would push to the side as he ate the rest. Guess he always thought we wouldn’t notice but he always gave in and chewed it up too. He just wanted to please his people and he did that completely. Saber had a best friend named Bitty Kitty. She came to us when someone literally threw her away. She could sit in your hand or fit in Sabers mouth as we found out quite by accident. Our fears were quickly put to rest because she was completely fine except for the fact she was drenched in doggy slobber. They developed a very special bond and would even share a bowl of food. He couldn’t even go the bathroom without her rubbing against his legs. Their friendship was something funny to witness

Saber finally filled the part of my that was obviously empty. He was my best friend in so many way. He slept in my room, on my bed, with his head on a pillow just like a human every night until his joint got so bad that he wouldn't walk up an down our very steep stairs to my upstairs bedroom. Countless night do I remember laying in the living room floor, head propped up on him like a pillow. He loved it, he loved to snuggle. He was perfect and everything that I could have ever asked for. There are so many things that I could say about him but I doubt I could even sum it up in enough words to actually post. Everything, is the only word that even comes close. He was everything to me, and my family. Finally, after 2 perfect years with Saber I moved back to Ohio to be with my fiance (now husband) and had to leave Saber at my parents. I was not going to be selfish and move him away from his home that he loved. Even though I knew that his health was slowly decreasing and that we was aprrox. 12 years old, I refused to accept any of it. I got Kota 2 weeks before making my move knowing that I would never again go without having a dog to share my love with. Kota and Saber loved each other. It was so funny watching my huge GSD play with my little 10 lbs husky. I visited several times between May 1st when I moved, sometimes making the 6 hour trip just to see him for a weekend.

On August 17, 2012 Saber found his way to doggie heaven and our hearts were broke. He had filled a place in our hearts that we didn’t know was empty. After so many years of suffering his poor little heart had just had all it could have, and he passed on his favorite blanket with his favorite toy by his side. In the 3 years he lived with us, he brought us so much joy. He will be with us always as he is buried under his favorite tree next to the fence, where he will forever guard the perimeter of the homestead. RIP buddy, no one will ever understand just how much I miss you.

A picture of Saber and his Cat.

A picture of Saber and I.
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Female Join date : 2011-08-04
Location : Aurora, CO

PostSubject: Re: RIP Saber!   Wed Dec 19, 2012 5:38 pm

What a beautiful tribute and story. He was a lucky guy to have you guys as his forever home the last 3 years. I'm sitting here at work trying my damnest not to cry, though it's not working.

I'm so sorry for your loss Sad, but you'll see him again, someday. Smile
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Husky Stalker

Female Join date : 2009-05-29
Location : Denver, CO

PostSubject: Re: RIP Saber!   Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:05 pm

what a lovely write up you did for Saber, its stories like this that melt my heart, a bond can be made at any age of a dog no matter what, thank you for taking him in for the last of his years and making him happy.

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Female Join date : 2011-07-24
Location : Los Angeles

PostSubject: Re: RIP Saber!   Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:32 pm

Awww...what a wonderful story and I echo what Jenn said! What a wonderful bond!
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Female Join date : 2012-09-09
Location : Southern Ohio

PostSubject: Re: RIP Saber!   Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:36 pm

He was a great boy. It just never seems to amaze me how people can just throw away an animal like that. He was a great dog, honestly the best if you ask me. I have two sweet huskies that are my world now but they don't measure up to what he was. They're not better nor worse but they're not the same. I have a lot of comfort in knowing that his last few years where the best they could have been, but I do very heavy hearted-ly regret not being there with him in his last few months.
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PostSubject: Re: RIP Saber!   

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RIP Saber!

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