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 A couple more potty questions

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Female Join date : 2013-02-16
Location : West Virginia

A couple more potty questions Empty
PostSubject: A couple more potty questions   A couple more potty questions EmptyFri Mar 01, 2013 2:45 am

We are getting Peaches (that's what we think we are going to call her) Saturday morning and I have just a couple more questions. I hope I don't come across as completely stupid.

I have this whole potty, during the day, thing down. My questions are about the night time. She will only be 8 weeks old so I know she will have to potty often.

1. When going potty at night do I praise and give treats or do I keep it low key a quite since it's night time.

2. If she is sleeping should I wake her to go potty or just wait until she wake up?

3. At night it's out to potty and back in the crate right?

4.After potty and she is back in her crate, if she cries do I just leave her be and let her cry herself to sleep?

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Female Join date : 2012-10-25
Location : Seattle, WA

A couple more potty questions Empty
PostSubject: Re: A couple more potty questions   A couple more potty questions EmptyFri Mar 01, 2013 5:18 am

Always praise, besides, because she is going directly from her crate outside to pee, there is less room for an accident, so you can really drill in that going potty outside is good.
I'd wake her up a few times a night, after she's a bit older you can increase the time between potty breaks. I started with every 2.5-3.5 hrs, keeping the times varied so her little puppy internal clock wouldn't adjust.
Right back in, if you show her that there's no playtime in the middle of the night right from the start, you'll be thanking yourself later!
Yeah, she'll settle down again. I'd always toss in a yummy treat, so she liked going back to bed. And full babies sleep longer Smile

Before you let her out, get on your jacket and shoes, because if she's been sleeping and you let her stand around, she will probably pee. Same with the leash, if she doesn't have in on at night, clip it before you let her out of the crate, then walk her straight outside.
Mine would get a bit woken up after her potty break, so for a while I was carrying her back to bed, and then she'd knock right back out. After she got the routine, I'd pick her up sometimes and let her walk sometimes (on leash so she couldn't run off to play on the way back to bed). She quickly understood that the routine was sleep>pee>sleep, not sleep>pee>plaaaay! because I needed my sanity.
Admittedly, sometimes I still carry her because she's my baby, and when she's fully grown, well, I'll still probably carry her once in a while too I love you But if I don't, she just walks back to the crate without any instruction.
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Male Join date : 2013-03-03
Location : warrington

A couple more potty questions Empty
PostSubject: Re: A couple more potty questions   A couple more potty questions EmptySat Mar 09, 2013 5:01 pm

hi i have a 9 week old today i only got her a week and 2 days ago and i am not the best qualified to comment but things seem to be goin ok with me now with a bit of experimenting.

i have been giving lots of praise a small treat and straight back to crate
akira is sleeping right next to my bed where i can leave my hand hanging over the edge touching her crate so she can just feel my fingers it seemed to really comfort her but not to much that she feels the need to be right next to me when going sleep (this seems to help when leaving her through the day aswell)
and after about 3-4 nights i didnt have to leave my hand near hear crate so much also i left a worn tshirt in with her just so she could still smell me and comfort her. with regards to waking her i think it depends on yourself and how you sleep personally while i am asleep i am well aware of when she wakes up so the longer i left her the better (as it helps to strengthen her bladder quicker) but as soon as she woke up i would wake take her potty,praise and back to crate.
if you are more of a deep sleeper and dont think she will wake you then i would advise setting an alarm for every 2 hours for the first few nights because if she wakes and starts going in her crate then bad habbits start .
you will soon see how long she is sleeping between needing to go, keep a dairy of times if it helps and then you can adjust your alarm slowy by 5-10 minutes at a time if when you are waking up she is still asleep and slowly you will get there.
good luck and i hope you have as much fun with her as i am.

as i say im by no means qualified but it seems to be working for me.
but i hope this may be of some use
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Female Join date : 2012-10-06
Location : Space Coast, Florida

A couple more potty questions Empty
PostSubject: Re: A couple more potty questions   A couple more potty questions EmptySat Mar 09, 2013 5:14 pm

As I was thinking about what to type, it struck me how similar this is to a post I replied to on a parenting forum (about a newborn human baby regarding night feedings and diaper changes) Smile

1. I would give softly praise but otherwise stay quiet and low key.

2. I would let her sleep UNLESS you are a heavy sleeper and unlikely to hear her. If you keep her crate right by your bed, it might help her (and you) sleep better because the cries are more likely to be from needing to go out instead of just loneliness.

3. Yes, right back to bed (unless you want to start a pattern of middle of the night zoomies).

4. If you're sure she doesn't need to potty (sometimes they will pee then want to poop 15 minutes later) then I would let her cry it out with a hand near the crate so she realizes she isn't alone.
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A couple more potty questions Empty
PostSubject: Re: A couple more potty questions   A couple more potty questions Empty

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A couple more potty questions

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