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 Rescued a stray husky. New husky owner. Couple questions.

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Female Join date : 2013-04-11
Location : Marquette, MI

PostSubject: Rescued a stray husky. New husky owner. Couple questions.   Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:00 pm

Hello everyone! Its a pleasure to meet you all! =]

On April 4th I went on a 3 hour car drive to take a look at a dog at a shelter in Wisconsin who was recently transferred from Milwaukee. I was told he was a Husky x German Shepherd cross and before this shelter they had him labeled as a Husky x Retriever cross (which baffles me because he neither looks like a retriever or acts like a retriever other than when he carries around his toys which is still husky behavior). We were told he was getting over kennel cough and he was no longer contagious from the shelter... lo and behold my roommate's dog is now coming down with it. He is still intact, doesn't have his rabies and they couldn't give me a correct age on him. They said he was 2-3 years old but based on hes fleur-de-lis clean teeth and all of his puppy behavior I'd say he is around 1.

His personality is to die for seeing as he is very polite, knows his manners, gives kisses, is all about his humans, doesn't have a prey drive, walks like a dream on a lead, and is insanely intelligent. He is difficult to get riled up but he loves to cuddle offering tons of kisses. He still feels and acts very much like a puppy in a goofy, wiggly, and soft way. Very forgiving and extremely stubborn with anyone other than myself who he has correctly assumed is his human. Hes not a chewer. Not dominant instead being middle to low on the hierarchy or humpy due to being intact but is being house broken. We get out daily for a 1-4 hour walk and will be jogging, biking, hiking and visiting the dog park in the summer. Doesn't chew, doesn't get wound up and absolutely the biggest shadow dog I've ever met. Though, he is about 54lbs and feels like he needs just a little more meat on his bones.

I'm curious if anyone can help me ID his breed on if he is in fact a full-blooded husky or if he is a husky/shepherd X? His markings are agouti but I've been able to find plenty of agouti huskies online. When out we've bumped into a couple obviously pure huskies who are a lot smaller than Kodi when out and about he dwarfs them but he is definitely too small to be a malamute. Other than his coloring and size he in no way resembles a shepherd due to his build, bone structure, coat, or shape (I've worked with dogs professionally for 5 years). I'm almost entirely certain he is a husky but I need another opinion and who else would be so qualified.

I'm also wondering if anyone has any tips for helping housebreak an intact husky? Hes getting neutered in a couple weeks and we've been using the belly band. Also if anyone has any tips for keeping him mentally stimulated seeing as this dog is highly intelligent.

I'll get up a body shot so you guys can see his build after my phone charges. Here are the ones I have so far though.

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Male Join date : 2012-09-12
Location : San Francisco

PostSubject: Re: Rescued a stray husky. New husky owner. Couple questions.   Thu Apr 11, 2013 9:07 pm

Think I see a little bit of shepherd in his face & ears, but I could be wrong. King was intact when I adopted him but since he was owned previously he was already housebroken, so sorry that I can't give you more help on the housebreaking issue. Wish King would've had such good manners when I adopted him, you're lucky to have ended up with such a gentleman! People say that it takes about 6 months for rescue dogs to start to show their true colors, and this was true for King in some aspects. He's definitely more outgoing and less clingy than he was than when I first rescued him, but he's not a complete different dog or anything. Good luck with your new dog, he's quite the looker!
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Female Join date : 2012-06-07
Location : Cheyenne, Wyoming

PostSubject: Re: Rescued a stray husky. New husky owner. Couple questions.   Thu Apr 11, 2013 10:07 pm

I'm no professional but I can see what you mean about his build looking like a husky. The shape of his head seems very husky to me as well. Although I agree his markings also look very shepard like. Either way he is a beautiful pup. Congrats and welcome!

As for the housebreaking, there are some great threads here about potty training puppies. I have always the same techniques regardless of age. Out every couple hours, extending slowly, party when they go where they are supposed to, etc. Hope that helps.

As for stimulation, look into Kong brand toys and other puzzle type toys. Also try hide and seek types of games. These seem to work the best for Saphire.

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Female Join date : 2011-06-28
Location : SE MI

PostSubject: Re: Rescued a stray husky. New husky owner. Couple questions.   Thu Apr 11, 2013 10:29 pm

A little shepherd maybe? Or a large husky. My husky averages about 60lbs and my husky x shepherd mix averages 43lbs.
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Female Join date : 2012-08-13
Location : Nebraska

PostSubject: Re: Rescued a stray husky. New husky owner. Couple questions.   Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:44 am

OH MY GOD! HIS FACE IS TO DIE FOR! I WANT HIM!! He is adorable and I love him oh so much. You lucky, lucky owner. Seriously.. I love him.

I see a lot of husky and possibly some shep. I see more husky then anything. Have you thought about getting those breed tests?? I've been debating it with Kennedy. Would be such a cool thing to do. Not those cheap ones that throw random breeds out that make absolutely no sense at all lol.
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Join date : 2013-04-28

PostSubject: Re: Rescued a stray husky. New husky owner. Couple questions.   Tue Apr 30, 2013 7:10 pm

What a wonderful personality it sounds like your new dog has! A very special find for you. Smile He does look like he has German Shepherd in him. I have had German Shepherds before so am familiar with them. Perhaps if he's not half German Shepherd, he would be at least 1/4 shepherd. Either way, he is a beautiful dog!
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PostSubject: Re: Rescued a stray husky. New husky owner. Couple questions.   

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Rescued a stray husky. New husky owner. Couple questions.

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