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 Hello from NL

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Female Join date : 2010-07-20
Location : Newfoundland, Canada

PostSubject: Hello from NL   Tue Jul 20, 2010 4:54 pm

Hello from Canada!

I adopted Woof back in May as a companion for my other dog Boone. Boone gains confidence from other dogs as he's a very shy little man and after the loss of my senior dog (Drifter) last year he hadn't really been the same. Woof was advertised as a 2 year old Smooth Collie mix but after talking with some staff that knew him better and finding out his back story he was actually a Siberian Husky x Border Collie from a puppy mill. Since May it has been a constant battle to get him to go along with my ideas rather then his. He seems to think he knows better and as I'm used to having my dog's off leash 24/7 without worry he's taken some getting used to as he he just wants to run and he'll stop and come back when he's good and ready unless your bribe with some tasty food or a car ride. Training has been a very very slow process, someone told me the other day when I mentioned my problems that "well there's the answer, Huskies are independent thinkers and stubborn put that with Border Collie smarts and you've got one untrainable dog". I don't think he's untrainable I just think its going to take a lot longer to make him see that listening to me is a great idea. Woof is a great dog personality wise, a goofball and big baby. Hoping maybe to get some advice on training him from here.

Boone is almost 2 year old and a German Shepherd x Australian Cattle Dog. Picks up things in a blink of the eye after a brief stint of having to wear a muzzle until his fear aggression was worked out he's been a joy. He's a very shy dog but smart as a whip and oh so willing to please. Hates being on a leash which doesn't bother me, he sticks close and listens so he hardley ever goes on leash, which frustrates poor Woof to no end. I've had Boone since he was 5 months old.

And of course a picture of the boys.
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The Gentleman

Male Join date : 2009-06-16

PostSubject: Re: Hello from NL   Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:22 pm

Greetings from Colorado! Woof is quite the mix there (all of my sled dogs HATE herding dogs), and Boone has about the most interesting coloring I've seen on any dog. Sorry I don't really have any training tips for you, I have no off leash trustworthy dogs. Some of the other folks will chime in. Mine only get off leash time above treeline, anywhere else on the globe and they'll be zip codes away in an hour. Heh, I guess it's one of those Husky things. We still have frustrating "adventures" with fleeing sled dogs to this day. But four years and counting they're getting slightly better. Rolling Eyes
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Female Join date : 2009-11-06
Location : Niles, MI

PostSubject: Re: Hello from NL   Tue Jul 20, 2010 8:22 pm

Welcome . As Eddie said, interesting-looking mix there! So adorable! Boone looks like he's got a vampire hairline.... Laughing Can definitely see some husky in Woof. Welcome again & enjoy!!
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Ms. Amicable

Female Join date : 2009-05-20
Location : Glenville, NY

PostSubject: Re: Hello from NL   Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:57 pm

Welcome! Your dogs are beautiful! I love both of their colorings Smile

I think that I'm going to be the bearer of bad news here... Huskies are not off-leash dogs. Even though yours is a mix, I wouldn't trust any husky mix off-leash that is showing and exhibiting the signs that Woof is. Huskies are bred to be independent, intelligent, RUNNERS, and curious... none of those traits make a good off-leash dog. The intelligence of a border collie would just add to the trouble. There are things you can do to practice recall, but to be brutally honest, I would give up the idea of having an off-leash dog 24/7. I don't know any husky owners on here that would advise it Sad Sorry!!

It's a husky thing... you wouldn't understand.

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PostSubject: Re: Hello from NL   

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Hello from NL

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