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 Newly developed potty training problem!

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Newly developed potty training problem! Empty
PostSubject: Newly developed potty training problem!   Newly developed potty training problem! EmptyMon Nov 18, 2013 3:23 pm

Ok so I have had my 2 and a half yhear old Husky Jax for about 10 months. When I got him we lived in TN and I had a descent amount of property that he was able to roam free. He never went far from the house and I was able to let him outside and he would go do his bussiness and relax in the sun and do what he please. Not for long periods of time but just to get him some fresh air durring the day and yes even at night. He had a specefic spot where he always went numero dos and it worked out perfectly. I was a tow truck driver so sometimes i was gone for long periods of time durring the day and still he would hold it in very well.

Last month I was in a bad accident that left me jobless and homeless and I had to Tuck My Tail and move in with my folks in upstate NY. It took some convincing but finally my dad allowed me to bring Jax along. Now he does not have free roam here even though they have a large back yard. There are a lot of dogs on this street and I feel he needs to get used to where he is authorized to go before I would ever let him out by him self. We enclosed the Deck with new gates so that he would be able to go out there and hang outside durring the day when he wanted to. He is quite the escape artist so we had to modify the gates several times.

The Issue:

Unlike at my house in TN, Jax has been going numero dos inside the house a lot. More so than he does outside when I walk him. Right in front of people!!!! This is unsat and my dad is NOT happy and franky neither am I. The reason he was allowed to come is because he is or was such a good dog. I spent a lot of time with it being just me and him so I had a lot of time to put into training. I cant have him going inside all the time. Its not like I dont walk him, I do ALL the time!!! I even saved some of his poop and but it in the places I would like him to go. When I take him out he pees all the time, which is great he never has inside. but thats all it is. I wait in anticipation when he finds a spot just to see him pee a lil insted of poop, then an hour after I bring him in he Freaken poops right on the dining room floor. I am baffled.

First off what can I spray or put in the areas of the house that he has pooped? Can I spray something to deter him from going there again? He does give warning signs when he needs to go out, like wimpers or bugs you till you take him out. I am at a loss here and I dont want it to come down to either me having a place to live or keeping my BFF. <-----(little gay but thats my boy)

Please help, any suggestions will be considered at this point i am willing to try anything. Thanks.

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Location : Philadelphia

Newly developed potty training problem! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Newly developed potty training problem!   Newly developed potty training problem! EmptyWed Dec 11, 2013 1:31 pm

Hi mtmaintusmc.. first off i have a 14 month Husky (red sib) named Jax Smile love the name.

I went through number 2 hell when I got my pup. To answer your question on what to use to clean and get the odor our is: Natures Miracle Advanced Stain & Odor. I swear by it and febreeze.
Just have to be super consistent. My dog still has this habit he will poop in the grass outside and then goes on the deck. I don't care for the deck since it's a small deck ( I am talking about in between row house small deck if you can picture that) but man sucks to power wash that thing every few days.
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Join date : 2012-12-18

Newly developed potty training problem! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Newly developed potty training problem!   Newly developed potty training problem! EmptyWed Dec 11, 2013 7:35 pm

Is he on the leash now when he goes out? My boy HATES pooping on leash- he will literally hold it for hours on a walk and then beg to go outside as soon as we get home so he can go out back and do his business alone off leash in the yard. He's just a freak that doesn't like to poop on leash.. just food for thought Smile lol
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Newly developed potty training problem! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Newly developed potty training problem!   Newly developed potty training problem! Empty

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Newly developed potty training problem!

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