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 Why do you work?

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Location : New Mexcio | Germany

Why do you work? - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Why do you work?   Why do you work? - Page 2 EmptyWed Dec 18, 2013 8:16 pm

I have the agree that SAHM are way under credited! I have 5 siblings (6 of us) so my mom was a SAHM most of her parent life but she would STILL babysit for extra funds! I always praise her for being able to do that since I can barely handle my niece and nephew once a week.
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Why do you work? - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Why do you work?   Why do you work? - Page 2 EmptyWed Dec 18, 2013 8:24 pm

I remember when I turned 13 years old and my dad drove me to school (it wasn't exactly the day of my birthday, but a couple days later) and I thought it was a nice surprise that my dad was driving me to school and I didn't have to ride the bus. Ends up my dad drove me to school so that I could get a "workers permit" from the school and I could start working. He was nice enough to already have a job lined up for me at a local hockey shop. It's funny looking back at his ulterior motive as he got me a job right at the beginning of my growth spurt (went from about 5'9" to 6'4" within the next 2 years) and he wasn't about to pay for new hockey equipment for me. I ended up working at that hockey store until I was 20 years old. Back then I worked so that I could have the nicest and newest hockey equipment there was, now I work because the values of hard work were instilled upon me at a young age and doing anything but working and doing my best at any given job seems like a massive let down.

Posts made by me are not associated or approved by itsahuskything.com. It is widely known that I am a misfit, ingrate, degenerate, brash, trenchant, sardonic, brusque, forthright individual. It should be remembered that all parties operate on the internet and any offense taken from the internet should immediately be followed by a thorough evaluation of one's personal sanity.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Moderator
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Location : Nebraska

Why do you work? - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Why do you work?   Why do you work? - Page 2 EmptyWed Dec 18, 2013 8:55 pm

Well, obviously I work cause I have to. Bills and such. But other then working for the obvious, I work for my dogs. I don't have anyone in my life expect them to provide for, so of course I want to give them the best life I can possibly afford. I also work cause hey, I like nice, expensive shit Wink. I'm not a brand snob by any means, but I like to shop American Eagle, Forver 21; I love my coach purses, and I love all my workout shit. I like the nicer things in life, but I'm not spoiled enough to think that's all that is "good enough" for me. I don't enjoy working two jobs, but if I want nice things for my dogs and for me, hey that's what it takes.

I also consider my Beachbody Coaching a business. I work it because I dream of living debt free. I dream of working from home and never having to go to cooperate job unless I want it; not cause I need it. I work it because I sincerely love what I do. I love helping people change their lives. I love setting my own hours and not having anyone to answer to but myself. I love how I don't live in constant fear of screwing up and loosing my job.

I also work because I plan to add a new pup in the next year, and it may possibly be a show pup. Not just any show pup, but a Standard Poodle. If I want to afford grooming, a handler, handler classes for myself; by golly I best be working Wink.
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Male Join date : 2013-02-05
Location : seattle, wa

Why do you work? - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Why do you work?   Why do you work? - Page 2 EmptyWed Dec 18, 2013 9:34 pm

There's a great quote this thread reminds me of:

"Working is the means by which we acquire life.  This is the sad reality of the human condition."

Marxism anyone?


I gotta say though, Link is my most active motivation to make money. He is after all where most of it goes after rent, and he's what I enjoy spending my money on the most. I invested in pro level hockey gear so it lasts a long time and I don't do much else but eat food, drink good beer, and buy Link stuff.

I have a very active engagement with my money because I don't make enough, personally, to save any. So every dollar I make I can trace where it goes, precisely. I enjoy the simplicity of that, in a tragically romantic sense. If my thoughts on money get too obtuse then this romance fades very, very quickly though.
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Why do you work? - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Why do you work?   Why do you work? - Page 2 Empty

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Why do you work?

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