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 Translating the whining and howling

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Translating the whining and howling Empty
PostSubject: Translating the whining and howling   Translating the whining and howling EmptySun Mar 02, 2014 7:56 pm

I've read and witnessed Meeko whining and howling when he wants to express emotion. Most of the time it is while he is playing with squeeky toy. I get him all charged up and then give him the toy and away he goes.

He also does it in the car (a subject of many threads). I know that dogs can get carsick or homesick knowing that you are leaving them at daycare. The thing is, he assumes that after EVERY bathroom break that we are hoping in the car. When he is in the car, whining with some occasional talking style howling. It really cranks up when we get close to daycare. I know he is excited because he practically drags me into the place every time.

Anyone ever figure out some cues to determine if they are happy howling, upset, or carsick?
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Translating the whining and howling Empty
PostSubject: Re: Translating the whining and howling   Translating the whining and howling EmptySun Mar 02, 2014 9:14 pm

Hmmm, cues?

When we first got Ami 4 months ago, husband thought Mr. Dog didn't like him. Said he growled when he came near (Ami outdoor dog). I was confused because I found Ami to be exceedingly friendly with no aggressive tendencies whatsoever. A few days later, I happened to be outside about 20 feet away when husband approached dog and Ami "growled" at him. I asked hubby if that was the sound he was referring to and it was. I laughed - Cue: Ami's tail was wagging a mile a minute, he was head and front quarters down, hind end up (just like the husky think logo) and eyes lit up in happy excitement. Told hubby this wasn't growling, I don't like you, it was "Hi, how are you, I missed you, I love you, come play with me, I'm so happy to see you" Laughing  So cue here was there was plenty of body language - though, in hubby's defense, Ami's voice is a significant basso profundo!

Second scenario, in the car...about 2-3 weeks after we got him, we were getting him used to riding in a crate in the car. Figured we would take him on short trips to somewhere fun for doggie. And use lots of treats. So, hubby needed to do some take offs and landings so we brought Ami to local airport (it's a club and totally fenced, not policed). Plan was, hubby would fly and I would walk Mr. Dog around the perimeter just inside the fence. (By the way, the Beastie Boy thought the Cessna on short final was one hell of a bird and really, really wanted to catch it lol! ). Unfortunately, I used up all the treats before hubby was finished. I got Ami back in the crate, we got in the car and Mr. Dog started to whine, to claw at crate, to stare at me in transfixed horror, to stand up, turn around, scratch and repeat all the above. Husband said, he's used to his treats, you forgot his treats, you withholding B****(he was being funny, not mean!). I disagreed, said something must be wrong - we should stop. Did, he did not have to poop or pee, got back in car, repeat the same behavior. I was mystified. Husband pulled into the Mennonite bulk food store, said get ME something good and oh, get something for Ami, too. Annoyed, I went in got some beef sticks and a package of cheese curd. Fed husband who grinned and said give some to dog...DAMN. Father does know best. I only gave that dog 3 or 4 pieces smaller than the tip of my pinky and he settled down, went to sleep and was quiet as a mouse the rest of the ride. Rolling Eyes Cue here, I think, was that i changed the routine and should have known that since he had peed multiple times on the walk and pooped that this was not the issue (he goes 8 hours at night in crate with no problem!). Boy did I feel dumb. Never leave the house without plenty of kibble pieces in pocket!

Carsick howling, I think, would have some drooling and head hanging. But, I'm not gonna bet my life on that one! On car rides - our dog tends to be excited on the trip out, a little more vocal and pacing, on way back, he settles down nicely (but won't get in car on return trip until I show him the treat. On the out - no treat needed. Once we get home, I need treat to get him OUT of car!! Go figure.
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Translating the whining and howling

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