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 Introduction to us and our mentally changled Husky, Frigga

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Location : Eureka (AKA: Heart of the Emerald Triangle), Ca

Introduction to us and our mentally changled Husky, Frigga Empty
PostSubject: Introduction to us and our mentally changled Husky, Frigga   Introduction to us and our mentally changled Husky, Frigga EmptySat May 10, 2014 1:30 pm

Good Morning,

My name is Erica, my 20yr old daughter, Shaelawn purchased a 5wk 6 day old Siberian Husky puppy name Frigga. Frigga lives with us and my boyfriend Tyson. Shaelawn purchased Frigga to be a companion animal to her since she has Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Frigga gets her walking everyday, which with JRA/RA staying limber is the name of the game. Frigga is now 13 wks old and I swear at times she is a ADHD dog, with no meds and is like that ADHD kid, who has gotten their over fill of Halloween Candy on Halloween night. Did I fail to mention the Red Bull she some how ingested?? I am just wondering if any of you out there has had the same experiences as we have so far. Some of the stories are funny and some are just as frusterating.

None of us has ever had a Siberian Husky. So, when Frigga was brought up and our daughter wanted to purchase her, we did research. Read everything we could. So, we had an idea what we were getting into. Idea and reality are SOOO different. Please do not take this as we want her out of our lives, she has a permanent home with our family; but, there are times when just shake our heads or roll with laughter....

We live in extreme Northern California on the coast. Ever seen the Discovery Channel show Pot Cops??? Yep that is the town I live in....Or if you have ever watched the movie Return of the Jedi, the planet of Endor with the Ewoks? That was just shot 40 miles north of here.

We noticed at a young age Frigga loves water. She loves to have the hose on her. For a short time we got some warm weather and we purchased a hard plastic sided kiddie pool for her to jump in to cool off. Since she is double coated, a hot weather is over 70 here, we wanted to make sure she stays cool. What sealed the love of water was the following:

Shaelawn was taking a bath one afternoon with her cat Chloe sitting on the edge of the tub watching her. I brought Frigga in from playing out in the backyard (our backyard is a whole different story!!!). She heard Shaelawn talking to Chloe and tore out of the kitchen like a bat out of hell to the second floor where mommy was at.....I bet you can guess what happened next!!! Frigga got to the second floor and literally bounced 3 times and cannon balled Shaelawn in the tub. Which wasn't bad; but, she also knocked Chloe in the bath also. So, our daughter was laying nude, with a cat and puppy in the tub with her. Yes, you should have heard that one. Was I laughing? HELL YES!!! I had never heard of seen a dog do this. A couple days later it happened again with our daughter taking a shower. The cat and the puppy were running around the tub chasing each other. She had to step out and pull them out......A few days later, Tyson was in the bathroom doing what men do, standing there. He left the door open, Frigga heard him up there and ran as fast as she could. Before he realized she had shown up, she was trying to jump into his urine stream, biting at it, and almost ended up in the toilet. Now this morning, our neighbor had her little dog out to go pee, his name is Marco. Marco had lifted his leg on the gate between our yards. Frigga ran up to the gate and shoved her head into and started biting at his urine stream. Has anyone's Husky ever done this before??

Please keep coming back for more silly stories about our Frigga. Just wait until I tell you about our backyard!!!! LOL!!!!

ERica Laughing 

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Introduction to us and our mentally changled Husky, Frigga Empty
PostSubject: Re: Introduction to us and our mentally changled Husky, Frigga   Introduction to us and our mentally changled Husky, Frigga EmptySat May 10, 2014 11:33 pm

Ha! Welcome to the forum, and welcome to husky life!
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Introduction to us and our mentally changled Husky, Frigga

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