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 Is Your Husky "Mommy's/Daddy's Little Helper?"

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Female Join date : 2013-12-20

Is Your Husky "Mommy's/Daddy's Little Helper?" Empty
PostSubject: Is Your Husky "Mommy's/Daddy's Little Helper?"   Is Your Husky "Mommy's/Daddy's Little Helper?" EmptyFri Jun 05, 2015 6:53 pm

Opening the pool, I've really noticed just how much Ami and Archer like to be in the thick of things with me (or Wayne when he's trying to wash the car lol! )

I already wrote about taking the pool cover off in the hijack today but it really hit home tonight how much these dogs are really like a pre-school child. I was leaning over the pool pump to empty the strainer - first one snout under my left arm (I smiled, said "hi, Ami) continued with the strainer and not a minute later, the other snout, (hi Archer) under my right arm Is Your Husky "Mommy's/Daddy's Little Helper?" 1625187496 It could be annoying but it is so cute - they watch what I'm doing with such interest, occasionally lifting their heads to make eye contact - almost a smile as if to say "Hi Mom, can we help?"

When I'm gardening - same thing, except they like to lay down in the dirt next to me...whether it is freshly planted or about to be planted.  Just want to be where we are - even though Ami really doesn't like to get too close.

Yesterday, preparing to mow, Wayne picked up a fairly large stick and tossed it in the woods.  Archer dashed into the thicket, grabbed hold of the stick and came prancing back out, oh so proud, with big, thick stick in his mouth.  Followed Wayne all over the yard with that  lol!

So how does your pup help with the chores?
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Male Join date : 2014-09-20
Location : Houston, TX

Is Your Husky "Mommy's/Daddy's Little Helper?" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Is Your Husky "Mommy's/Daddy's Little Helper?"   Is Your Husky "Mommy's/Daddy's Little Helper?" EmptyFri Jun 05, 2015 8:28 pm

Ohh goodness and I thought my boy was the only one with these "pre school child" ways like you said lol I posted something related to this on how Mylo loves to follow my girlfriend everywhere (anything involving leaving the room) but I didn't get in to specifics but this is the perfect thread to get specific!

When my girlfriend is cooking, he will just lay down right there next to her foot like as if she doesn't have to move around and get other things haha then eventually sometimes he will just get in the center of the kitchen facing the action.

When were washing/cleaning the car, he can't stand being in the house while were out there so we take him out (tied) and he just sits and looks at the action happening haha

When my girl is doing work on the computer, Mylo will just lay right next to the chair and occasionally look up at her. Same thing with me when I'm sitting on the desk.

When my girl is putting on make up, there is little Mylo right next to her looking!

Mylo also finds chips very entertaining, he doesn't try to get some but he will sit and look at our hands like a hawk…the whole thing *hand going in bag*hand coming out of bag with chip*chip going in mouth*repeat* lol

I'm looking forward to see in what more ways Mylo will "assist" us in the future lol!

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Male Join date : 2014-07-23
Location : San Diego, California

Is Your Husky "Mommy's/Daddy's Little Helper?" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Is Your Husky "Mommy's/Daddy's Little Helper?"   Is Your Husky "Mommy's/Daddy's Little Helper?" EmptyFri Jun 05, 2015 9:40 pm

Example of Kohdi and Mishka's "help" Rolling Eyes found this when I came home today from work, don't know what it is or where they "found" it but its got a lot of roots!
Is Your Husky "Mommy's/Daddy's Little Helper?" Help10

If Im watering with a hose, they chase the water, if I plant something, they dig it back out, I can go on and on, and...on. They do give me invaluable help though in entertainment value, doesnt matter how bad my day was, or what Im thinking about, these two can instantly make me forget it...and smile (yes, even when theyre being complete brats, LOL) just today when I took them on their walk, Mishka picked up one of those small size (pint maybe) plastic Vodka bottles and carried it with her for blocks...I dont know if its because shes always picking up things that are too big for her or what but she has a habit now of tilting her head back now when she carries something, and has the most proud look, so tonite she has a vodka bottle, by the spout, head tilted back, and quite proud Wink was just TOO cute and I couldnt help but smile at the image...and the irony of a Siberian and a Vodka bottle Razz
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Playing with the Big Dogs
Playing with the Big Dogs

Female Join date : 2013-12-04
Location : Idaho

Is Your Husky "Mommy's/Daddy's Little Helper?" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Is Your Husky "Mommy's/Daddy's Little Helper?"   Is Your Husky "Mommy's/Daddy's Little Helper?" EmptySat Jun 06, 2015 10:23 am

Simon has recently really turned into my shadow. It's like he is worried I will leave and do something fun without him if he doesn't keep his eyes on me. He also likes to chase the water in the hose and he has tired to dig up in ground sprinklers and has moved the one attached to the hose around for fun. He also like to check out all kitchen activities. Simon loves to run errands in the car and loves going to the hardware store because he can come in. I honestly think the two things that would make Simon the happiest dog on the planet would be if I could take him everywhere with me and if I would work on learning how to run more so we could run together.
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Is Your Husky "Mommy's/Daddy's Little Helper?" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Is Your Husky "Mommy's/Daddy's Little Helper?"   Is Your Husky "Mommy's/Daddy's Little Helper?" Empty

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Is Your Husky "Mommy's/Daddy's Little Helper?"

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