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 Cuba outsmarting us!

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Male Join date : 2015-08-13
Location : East Riding Of Yorkshire, UK

Cuba outsmarting us! Empty
PostSubject: Cuba outsmarting us!   Cuba outsmarting us! EmptySun Aug 30, 2015 7:08 pm

Here are some things showing his intelligence that he can already do at 11 weeks, (Given he wants to do them)

On command

Lay down

He is pretty much toilet trained minus the odd little pee he occasionally does inside, He tends to go to the door, and scratch, whimper, and howl to be let out to use the toilet.

He opened the dog backpack which was left downstairs (Silly error on our part) by opening the zip rather than pulling it apart, and emptying it over the floor, then helping himself to his treats.

but. Here is where he really is outsmarting us, and for me at 11 weeks is scaring me how clever he is,

He escapes the house pretty much everytime he is left alone!! We leave him to have the roam of the front-room, and the hallway, the problem is, we have cats, and we have a cat-flap on the backdoor in the front room(living room)

Cuba, originally first escaped by just squeezing through the cat flap, and then jumping the fence which is around 3.5 feet high, (We need to higher it up) thankfully he can only get from their into the neighbours harden so, he goes next door to play with the children and their dog and they look after him.

Once we noticed despite him looking too big, and seeing him prove he can fit through the cat flap, we decided to start locking it, we came home two days ago, to find him once again, escaped and next door! Not thinking how clever he maybe we put it down to a lack of carefullness and someone leaving it unlocked....

Until today, He was next door again, after triple checking the catflap was locked, all doors where locked and no other possible exits out of the house! Cuba has learned, he can turn the lock by chewing it in directions, he then squeezes through, goes to the fence, (we made half of it higher already) goes to the lower side, and climbs the shrubs that have taken home on the fence, over it with ease!)

Not only has he learned he can unlock, open and exit the catflap, then climb the shrubs, or jump over the fence, but he has also learned he can open the backdoor by jumping and pulling down on the handle as he comes down! so now the backdoor is constantly locked.

I understand Huskies are a clever breed, and are escape artists, but never did i expect so much so soon! We thought we had a few weeks, maybe even a few months before the fence would be a issue ect.. Hes making us look right fools, Very Happy Clevor little man Very Happy

(I am trying to find a solution to leaving him alone and not having him escape, we could close the front room off but if he can open the backdoor, im sure he could open any room in the house if he wished, the only solution i can think of is crate training, despite that being something i really wished not to do, as i personally don't feel it is fair on him (Sorry if i offended anyone with that remark i know a few of you do crate your gorgeous boys and girls)

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Male Join date : 2014-07-23
Location : San Diego, California

Cuba outsmarting us! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cuba outsmarting us!   Cuba outsmarting us! EmptySun Aug 30, 2015 7:52 pm

I had a husky, who was opening doors, cabinets, the refrigerator, the oven door, opening cans of soda, etc. LOLOL I had to resort to child proof locks on cabinets, putting furniture in front of the refrigerator door before leaving the house, and putting pins in the sliding door frames so they couldn't slide open. It was like I was protecting the house from a burglar when in fact it was for my little husky, hahaha.
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Male Join date : 2013-02-05
Location : seattle, wa

Cuba outsmarting us! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cuba outsmarting us!   Cuba outsmarting us! EmptySun Aug 30, 2015 10:25 pm

Sounds like a rock solid case for crate training, which is in no way unfair or mean.

In fact, it sounds Iike he is an anxious,  nervous little wreck and he could benefit from the structure and mental effects of crate training,  which will slow his mind down and make him more calm...not to mention,  prevent him from destroying your house and worrying about how to escape your house.

Seems Iike a crate is way more fair, and beneficial, than being stuck in the house with so much anxiety.

I seriously doubt you can find a safer, better solution than a crate.
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Male Join date : 2015-02-28
Location : Michigan

Cuba outsmarting us! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cuba outsmarting us!   Cuba outsmarting us! EmptyMon Aug 31, 2015 4:12 pm

Agree with Jeff, crate training is the best solution for this problem, though he'll probably put up more of a fuss since he wasn't started on it right away. Don't just think of it as protecting your stuff, you are also protecting YOUR DOG since there are a lot of things he could get into if unsupervised. If you haven't found out already, no matter how dog-proof you think you make your house, they can always find something to get into, and it could be harmful. There are stories of frustrated dogs chewing holes in the WALL, so you don't even have to leave things out.
The crate can actually become a safe place for him where he will even enjoy going to get away from stress. Ours hated it at first, but after a couple of weeks he started going in on his own. Usually when we have to put him in there to run out for a little bit, we come home and find he is just taking a nap, so they really aren't that distressed being in there. And it has never been a negative for our dog (nor most other people's dogs if done correctly), as he is still perfectly happy and healthy, not fearful of the crate, and has a normal amount of energy (if anything, a more mellow-than-average temperament for a husky). Usually I hear people say they think it is cruel to keep the dog confined in a crate if they are against it, but as you can read in numerous places, this takes advantage of their natural instinct to have a den, and it is extremely valuable for house training. I promise no matter how well your dog seems to be trained at 11 weeks (which is fantastic), he is probably not fully house-trained and the crate can help tighten that up as he will not soil his den if he can help it.
So, in all my rambling, I am trying to communicate that there really is not reason to hesitate with crate training (aside from a few sleepless nights when you start it) because the benefits are great (including peace of mind) and there are not actual drawbacks to it. When we were figuring out what to do when we were getting a puppy we weren't sure about it, but it is ALL GOOD, nothing to fear! It is healthy and any good dog trainer/behaviorist/vet will advocate it as well.
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Female Join date : 2013-12-20

Cuba outsmarting us! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cuba outsmarting us!   Cuba outsmarting us! EmptyMon Aug 31, 2015 9:39 pm

When you think of what's fair to him I want you to ponder what can happen when he gets, larger dogs, thieves, bratty kids. Or all the electrical wires in the house...intestinal obsturction from eating the stuffing out of a chair...

A few real life examples - my first Siberian, Sasha. How can I describe...tore the wallpaper off the whole apartment, got into the trash, got a can with lid stuck on his mouth (a vet visit) regularly tangles with porcupines (vet visits).

Now, about vet visits - we've had Archer in twice this week foreign body in eye. Has not gone well - he's been traumatized, had to be drugged both times. The first time tachycardia with peak heart rate 230 and high temp. Second time - really slow heart rate with arrythmia. Need to give meds that are almost impossible and leaving him and me, again, traumatized.

Imagine what it would be like - hit by a car (oh yes - that happened to Sash, too, she escaped and I didn't catch her in time - broken hind leg that needed surgery)

Or, he eats something poisonous and you don't know what it is until the symptoms appear...(Ami got off his tether - before I figured out he could undo the snap shackle, he went around eating up all the remains from field dressed deer left in the fields after hunting season. Came home with MASSIVE belly ache. That one could have become bloat, fortuantely, did not

Sorry to be such worry wart but there are dangers for dogs, puppies in particular. A crate is safe. And my experience is, even uncrated, if we are not actively involved with Ami or he and Archer are not playing together, they are usually sleeping. The sleep a lot. They wake up to play when we go outside then go back to sleep when we go back in.

Now - the intestinal fortitude to withstand the first few nights of very best wishes Laughing
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Cuba outsmarting us! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cuba outsmarting us!   Cuba outsmarting us! Empty

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Cuba outsmarting us!

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