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 Husky Play "Aggression" and New Dog

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Join date : 2015-10-02

Husky Play "Aggression" and New Dog Empty
PostSubject: Husky Play "Aggression" and New Dog   Husky Play "Aggression" and New Dog EmptyFri Oct 02, 2015 5:01 pm

Hi everyone - I'm new on the forum. I've read many posts but haven't quite found one that matches my dog and the questions we have. I've researched a lot of articles but thought you all may be able to answer some of our questions.

My fiance and I adopted a Husky mix one year ago - he's mixed with German Shepherd but honestly everything about him screams husky. He's now 3 and we don't know his history before we adopted him. He's full of love and just wants attention at all times from every person he sees.

He LOVES other dogs but almost too much. He plays like Huskies do - he goes full force and won't stop even if they've been playing for 3 hours. The thing that concerns me is he has met a number of other dogs and only 1 has been able to tolerate him. All of the others get angry with him that they'll snap at him and attack him and if he's attacked he'll attack back. Nothing bad has happened they usually stop themselves before they make contact but because of these experiences I've been too worried to take him to the dog park. (He hasn't ever met another Husky, his best friend is a German Shepherd. The other breeds were labs, hounds). He doesn't understand his size and immediately after seeing a small dog he stepped on her and hurt her foot. He boarded at a big kennel on a farm last year over Thanksgiving and she had to block him off from the other dogs because he played too roughly. I hate it because he loves playing with other dogs. Do any of you have the same problem? Is there something I can do?

Additionally, we would really like to get another dog. We both work full time jobs and while he has free reign of the house and fenced in yard, I'd like him to have a partner to entertain him during the day. He is a bit possessive over his food and also over the bed at night he doesn't like other dogs on it. Other than that, he loves dogs around at all times. Do you think adopting another Husky mix - if we found one - sounds do-able?

Would love to hear insights from fellow owners. Any advice welcome! This is our first dog and while I grew up with labs and setters, our Husky has a mind of his own :-). Just want to give him the best life possible.
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Husky Play "Aggression" and New Dog Empty
PostSubject: Re: Husky Play "Aggression" and New Dog   Husky Play "Aggression" and New Dog EmptyFri Oct 02, 2015 5:50 pm

Has he ever played with other huskies? If so, how has he (and they) done?

Honestly, not all dogs are "dog park dogs". And that's not necessarily a bad thing. You are being a good owner by recognizing that dog parks may not be the best social environment for his play style as opposed to people who don't recognize that and still force the socialization, often to bad outcomes.
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Husky Play "Aggression" and New Dog Empty
PostSubject: Re: Husky Play "Aggression" and New Dog   Husky Play "Aggression" and New Dog EmptyFri Oct 02, 2015 6:16 pm

Hmmm ... let's see Labs = "What do you want, I'll do it, I will, I promise I will!!";  Setters are almost as bad but a little more independent;  Huskies are all "What's in it for me?"  (that from personal experience, yours may vary).  But that said, once you have that bond with a Husky, you've definitely got yourself a dog (until someone comes along with a sweeter treat ...)

As far as play goes, I have an Alaskan Husky and a Siberian here and they're good - they play together, Husky fashion until Sasha (my Sibe) decides she's had enough of the big puppy (both are about 5 years old) and she snaps and that ends that - or - I look around and decide there's been enough chaos for one night and say "Enough" and that's all it normally takes.

As you've found, Husky's play rough!  That's an understatement as I'm sure you've found. Some people, mostly other Husky or big dog owners, realize that and let it happen until one or the other dog decides that enough is too much.

From your description, I'd have to say that your pup was removed from it's puppy pack too early and didn't learn a lot of the things that it's supposed to have been taught by momma and it's fellow puppies. Normally that shows in not knowing how hard to bite in play which is similar to what you're seeing in that your boy doesn't realize when the other dog is saying "enough" (when they snap at him).

My suggestion, of course, is to put him into controlled situations where you can intervene when the play gets too boisterous... Get his attention, in my case that's literally "Enough!" and let him have a time out. The other person involved has to be able to control his pup so that your dog isn't instigated by the other one (in other words, when you put yours in time out [one a leash] the other person probably should do similar) Since Husky's love to play, the first few / several times he's going to object (pull toward his play mate) then he'll get the idea that you are going to control his play and if you're lucky, he'll realize that you're responding to the other dog objecting. And, yes, dogs are smart enough to put that all together - though it may take a while.

As far as adding another inhouse playmate - when he learns how to play nicely (respecting you and the other dogs boundaries) then it's quite doable; until then it's probably best to not even consider it. I added Sasha to my pack of one and initially she and I had some major problems (like she bit me about five different times over food!) and she and Avalanche had some problems about play time, he didn't want to stop when she said she'd had enough but by and large those are past issues and we've got a reasonably happy two dog / one cat family.

Husky Play "Aggression" and New Dog S-event    Husky Play "Aggression" and New Dog S-event

“Properly trained, a man can be dog’s best friend.”

Corey Ford                    .
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Husky Play "Aggression" and New Dog Empty
PostSubject: Re: Husky Play "Aggression" and New Dog   Husky Play "Aggression" and New Dog Empty

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Husky Play "Aggression" and New Dog

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