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 Mouthing problem

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Male Join date : 2013-06-20

PostSubject: Mouthing problem   Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:39 am

I got my lil pup Bruce when he was 1 1/2 month old, and at the beginning when i got him he didnt bite much and didnt drew blood or anything maybe leave a lil scratch. I never liked that kind of behavior neither my parents so I've always tried to stop playing or putting him in his crate when he got lil rough. He's 3 months old now and the problem still persist, and he gotten me pretty hard sometimes making me bleed when he bites. I dont think he's being aggresive with me but sometimes he jumps on me and bites my hand out of nothing. Ive tried holding his mouth and telling him ah ah or no 8/10 he just tries to bite me when i let it go. I have bought him lots of chewing toys and try to direct him to a toy whenever he bites but still biting. My mom is afraid of him because she walks out and he starts playing but aims for her feet and bite her. Im taking him to training classes (Petsmart) just to see if his behavior changes a bit.

Also every time im outside with him and im gonna walk in he stands in front of the door and goes in before I do. Ive tried opening the door and holding him and try make him wait but as soon as I open the door he starts jumping and biting. The other night he got me very hard in my hand and I lost it for a second n hit him because I started bleeding...

I really love him but his mouthing problem is pretty bad I think. If anyone could give me Advices I'd appreciate it!
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Female Join date : 2012-08-13
Location : Nebraska

PostSubject: Re: Mouthing problem   Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:08 am

What training have you done with him?? Have you done any obedience training??

When he bites, I know you said you crate him, but do you do anything else?? I have had great success with turning around and completely ignoring Sheba when she nips. You can try yipping like a puppy would when a fellow pup would bite them too hard. I personally do not like holding their muzzle and saying "NO!". I do not want to dominate a puppy like that when it is very easy to teach them different.

Where did you get your pup from? Have you socialized him at all? Also, where are you from??

If you haven't taught him to "wait", he won't just magically "wait". You have to teach the command and then you have to proof it. You cannot expect a puppy to just LEARN a command the very first time you teach it to them. If you don't make him "sit" and "wait" every time you open the door, then he won't. Plain and simple. You need to be consistent with a puppy that young. You are their mentor, their parent, their best friend. Puppies, and dogs in general, are not programmed to know what us humans expect of them. That is why some dogs are service dogs, working dogs, show dogs, and family pets. They are all different and should be treated and raised as such.


You are 27 years old. You have more then enough self control and maturity to know that a puppy only bites because it's human lets it. If you cannot control yourself, you may want to rethink owning a dog of any kind until you can. Your dog will do a lot worse then nip you, and if you cannot accept that like an adult, I suggest you rehome your dog. I do not say that because I am a b*tch, or I'm being mean, or whatever. I say it because it is true.
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Female Join date : 2013-06-26
Location : Wisconsin

PostSubject: Re: Mouthing problem   Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:23 am

Teething occurs 3-7 months, so this is somewhat normal. Does your mom tell him no as well? How much is he getting walked? When Loki starts nipping, it usually is close to walk time if he doesn't want a chew toy. I think restricting attention is helping him a lot as Kelsey suggested. He loves giving kisses in the morning and when he wakes up. So, I say kisses again and again in calm relaxed voice and he gets lots of petting. As soon as he nips, I stop petting him and say No. If he continues to nip, I walk away. Also, I only give Loki affection once he has done his sit or down not in a hyper state of jumping up. I also don't hold his muzzle, that punishment is now only occurring on occasion with my cats since that must stop (when he chases them or gets interested in them). If you hold there muzzle, you need to do it calmly and say no though (not in a state of anger).

Does he do a sit well without distractions? Getting him to sit and wait will be hard without a good sit. I'm just starting Loki on stay. He is 4 months and has been with me 2 weeks. For doors, I don't hold Loki back. I just block him with my body and he is learning to sit and stay. He gets lots of treats for this as this is a new behavior. If he won't move from the door, just walk away. Usually only takes a few seconds for them to move. Once he knows stay, you can practice leaving the door open and making him say (that is a distraction and training with distractions is harder).

I think puppy school is important. I have had my 2 dogs for the past 12 years now, but Loki will be going to school next week to refresh me and my fiance and also teach my stepdaughter how to help with training. If others live in your house, everyone should attend at least some sessions. Then, you will need to commit to practice practice practice. Loki gets 3 obediance sessions a day with his food. 1 outside and 2 inside (probably flipping that as he is getting good inside). It lasts about 10 minutes at a time. We switch off on who does it so he listens well to everyone. The more obediant he becomes, the better you will be able to control unwanted behaviors.
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Female Join date : 2012-11-03
Location : San Antonio, TX

PostSubject: Re: Mouthing problem   Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:29 am

He's playing and he's playing rough. How often is he socialized with other dogs? Putting him in his crate really isn't a good idea because that's supposed to be his safe place, not a place for punishment. Whenever Karli got rough like that, I would stick her outside for a couple minutes. She doesn't get to play with me and that's what affects her the most. You can just get up and leave the room, go into a bathroom or something and close the door. As to waiting, I never really trained Karli to do this. Does you puppy know sit? If so, start with that. Make him sit before you open the door and then when you are ready, release him. Karli sits at the door for me to open it but she always goes through first, its just easier for me to close the door that way. If he nips at your hands, stick a toy in his mouth. Tell your mom is yell "OW" really loud when he nips her, this scared the crap outta Karli the one time I did it and she is very gentle with playing now. Another good thing I taught her was the word "gentle." You say gentle and let them try to take a treat from you. If they take it roughly don't give the treat. Only give it when they take it properly. This helped immensely when it came to her playing.
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PostSubject: Re: Mouthing problem   

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Mouthing problem

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