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 Perimeter Training Recall

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Perimeter Training Recall Empty
PostSubject: Perimeter Training Recall   Perimeter Training Recall EmptyMon May 19, 2014 10:00 pm

I have a husky now. Its 1 years old. I took this pet as some sort of charity feeling inside of me since the previous owner couldn't have him anymore.

On leash hes pretty good. AND NOW I know many of you are going to say never leave him off leash. However, my situation is different than most.

I live in a rural area. There is no major highway next to my house.
Although, I'd like to confine him to 20 acres.

I've seen this dog in a fenced area and he was docile and calm just like indoors. I've been experimenting with off leashing him(because i have no fenced area).

And he runs around, goes farther than I want him to. He always comes back. BUT ONLY when he is READY to come back to me: he comes back.

So Recall is horrible with the dog. The other issue is... we have a different dog that does not have issues with being off-leash (Blue Heeler mix breed).

However, when both are off-leash they terrorize too far away.
Recall is even worse and impossible when BOTH dogs are off-leash. One Dog Offleash is really good with the heeler... .

When the husky is offleash with the other dog...Mostly its the huskies fault. He encourages the other dog to go farther than his normal territory.

He is nudered and since then has not gone to the neighbors offleash. But I haven't given him a lot of chances off leash since he was supposed to rest and heal up from the nuder.

But so far historically... Yesterday I let him run wherever he wanted to go... Never went to the neighbors. We got him leashed up again because he was very interested in our CAT (preoccupied).

Today I accidentally left my door open in my house and he ran out of the door... did his run around and sniffed around. I quickly put the other dog in the house in the hopes for better recall. He came back running... and i was able to leash him up cause i believe he wanted food or water.

Apparently there is this expensive shock collar fence type system that exists and they send a trainer to train the dog to not get shocked (thereby staying in the perimeter). There is a GPS version of it, no fences and is cheaper than putting a wire around 20 acres. (NOT in Canada YET but is soon coming).

I'm just wondering before i spend a tonne of money...
...am I dreaming of a pipe dream? A husky staying in its perimeter...?

I read so many negatives about shock collar perimeters with Huskies and I read a lot of positives. I don't know what to do. I hope the specialized trainer would help the situation give some sort of advantage other than those who just do it on their own with no training(I tell ya I know not what to do at all).

Anyways, The Brand is "Invisible Fence Brand"

anyone have experience with them?

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Perimeter Training Recall Empty
PostSubject: Re: Perimeter Training Recall   Perimeter Training Recall EmptyTue May 27, 2014 8:24 pm

I don't use any type of electric collar with my dogs, so I can't help you there. As for being off leash- both my alaskan malamute and my husky are off leash trained. I have a farm with 34.5 acres so it was ideal initially for training. I at first tried recall training on a long line and realized they new what I wanted- but they didn't WANT to come back. So, After I knew they knew their names and coming when called (I whistle.) I took them to the farm and let them off leash... and then I hid! I initially hid where I could see them but they couldn't really see me. I called them.. at first it took them a minute to look up, but when they did you could see the "oh shit" look on their faces and they came flying back. I gave them super yummy treats they don't normally get and told them how awesome they were...every dog is different, but hide and seek worked for my two. I hike with them all over NYS and haven't lost one yet Wink LOL My husky is also trained to stay in my front yard, but we have a fenced in backyard- so he's usually only out front when i'm out there. Again, it really depends on each individual dog and their owner Smile
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Location : Missouri

Perimeter Training Recall Empty
PostSubject: Re: Perimeter Training Recall   Perimeter Training Recall EmptyTue May 27, 2014 9:00 pm

Electric fences can work if you train firmly. I don't know anything about the brand you listed but I have dealt with two different types of shock fencing. The kind you plant in the ground and the wireless. Dogs of any breed can run through the wire kind if they want out bad enough, the wire seemed easily damaged as well. I personally have a wireless router type that sends out a signal. If she leaves the signal range it bites until she comes back. No just tucking her head and running through it. My problem with it is the range. It only covers an acre. What I've found with huskies is that their hair can make it difficult for the shock to be as effective. In summer when her coat is thinner it's not too bad, but her winter coat had to be trimmed where the prongs were back when we used our system. I trained by letting her get to the beep then pulling her back and treat. Eventually I let her get bit then treated when she returned to me after. They pick up fast.

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Join date : 2014-05-19

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PostSubject: Re: Perimeter Training Recall   Perimeter Training Recall EmptyFri May 30, 2014 11:17 pm

I think it would have helped if I had the Dog since a TINY little puppy. For over a year he doesn't know anything other than a house and a leash. I'm probably going to just leash him up most of the time. I hate the idea of shaving his fur for the shock collar.

I'll leave him free once in a while watch where he goes. If I follow him it encourages him to go farther for some reason (just like him and the other dog). I see why your hide and seek works... if they know your around he runs even farther away. BUT my dog is pretty keen and a bit older and can sense your presence.

HE was loose once and he was quite a ways away.. (still in visual range) but he looked at something and got Spooked! He saw a moose and ran full speed back to the house. I wouldn't say he returned to me but he ran up to me close enough to leash him.

The problem is... he doesn't like to be leashed. He knows I leash him when he comes close to me. This is why he sucks at recall.

I had given him treats at one time when he came to me. But Hes smart enough now ... he wont go after treats... he'd rather not have treats than the risk of being leashed up again.

Hes a silly dog:

He does things like he pretends he'll stay outside all night as a good dog. He went in the Dog house outside and I had to pull him out of the house at night after a midnight walk. I can see through his pretend. He would have just ran around all night probably instead of the act he put on pretending he would stay inside that dog house. LoL

I dont think I can ever fully trust him off-leash.

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Perimeter Training Recall Empty
PostSubject: Re: Perimeter Training Recall   Perimeter Training Recall Empty

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Perimeter Training Recall

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