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 When is it safe to run miles with my husky?

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Male Join date : 2018-11-06
Location : Oklahoma

PostSubject: When is it safe to run miles with my husky?   Sat Jan 19, 2019 11:30 am

Hello all,

I wanted some input from experienced people that have done significant running with their husky. I don't have a ton of experience with huskies (got my first one in September 2018) so I had a few question related to running. Cursor is a male, 6 months old, and has a standard coat.

1) I typically run 35-45 miles per week. Is it safe to run Cursor that amount eventually? (I realize I would need to build him up to that)

2) Summer mornings in Oklahoma are typically 60-70 degrees F in high humidity. Is that safe for Cursor to run several miles in?

3) How old does he have to be before I can run with him? And how slowly should I build him up to my mileage?

Thank you so much!
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Male Join date : 2017-11-03
Location : North Carolina, USA

PostSubject: Re: When is it safe to run miles with my husky?   Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:43 pm

Wow that is some serious mileage :-)

I run with my dog sometimes (2-3 miles at most per run) and this is all I have to offer...

- 60 to 70 degrees may be too hot for serious mileage. My dog is most active when it is under 50 degrees out, and actually runs best when it’s between 20-30 Fahrenheit! 60-70, you will need to monitor and take water breaks. At 70, with sun, my guy was really Drooping...I never force him. We just walk when he wants to walk.

- train him not to dash suddenly to the side and sniff mailbox/ bush. I have nearly killed myself tripping over my dog! So, some training is needed about no sudden stops and turns while running...

- it may not be good for joints to run too much on asphalt/concrete...that goes for humans and dogs! Both of us feel a lot more happy and comfortable running on packed dirt, trails, etc.

I think the quantity of mileage should be fine! Isn’t that what huskies are bred to do? :-)

I got my dog as an adult, so not sure about how to build a puppy up, or at what age they can start to run far...

Anyway it sounds like you will have fun together! :-)

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Male Join date : 2014-08-18
Location : Terlingua, Texas

PostSubject: Re: When is it safe to run miles with my husky?   Sat Jan 19, 2019 1:01 pm

I don't run my Huskies - I have three of them - but from what I see here:
1) The key word in your sentence is "eventually" but 35-45 miles a day wouldn't be out of the realm of reason eventually.

2) I live a bit south of you, down Texas way, on the desert by Big Bend National Park. The heat by itself, surprisingly, isn't the (literal) killer, it's the combination of heat and humidity. I have one 8 year old that I run on a dirt road with my Jeep - he's off and running at about 20-25 MPH (his choice) for about 15 minutes then slows down to a fairly solid 15-20 for another 4-5 miles (at which point I'm off the dirt road.) He'll do that whether it's 30 or 80 (at which point I don't go out with him!) What I watch for is his panting or his tongue hanging a mile out - then I stop the Jeep and he gets in - he's had his fun. And yes, I do stop to check on how he's doing as we're going up the road ... doesn't really answer your question, does it?

3) Huskies are a medium breed dog and he should have his full height by about a year, then he'll fill out (muscle up) for another 6 - 12 months. When he stops growing you can think about some longer cross country runs. Up till then you need to be concerned about the growth plates (normally you can see the ones in his legs - that's the bump at his ankles.) High impact running on anything is not good till the growth plates seal off (no further growth)

If you'll notice when you've had him out where he can run on his own, he'll run for a while and the stop and rest for a while. If you take him into the back yard, you'll probably see a couple rounds of zoomies, then he'll come set with you, then he's off again. In that type of environment there's really no limit on how long he can go since he can stop when he wants. Once you break into running with you for distance, you're setting the pace and distance - he can't really "stop and take a break." So you have to be much more aware of his needs (water, rest)

The only other caveat I'd mention is that you don't want him running on hard surfaces (concrete, blacktop) even when you and he get to running further you'll want his running to be on grass or sand (not many beaches up in OK, are there?) something that has a lot less impact on his feet / bones.

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Female Join date : 2019-01-16
Location : Eastern USA

PostSubject: Re: When is it safe to run miles with my husky?   Sat Jan 19, 2019 2:49 pm

I would also add that it might be a good idea to make sure you are giving him glucosamine and chondroitin supplements. It promotes healthy joint developement, glucosamine being the lubricant within the joints, and chondroitin being what promotes glucosamine production. Local pet stores usually sell the supplements, but if you're feeding raw, shellfish tend to have both present (though I don't know the concentration off the top of my head.)
Best of luck to you and Cursor!
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PostSubject: Re: When is it safe to run miles with my husky?   

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When is it safe to run miles with my husky?

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