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 Food aggression with other dogs

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Female Join date : 2016-03-30
Location : New Jersey

Food aggression with other dogs  Empty
PostSubject: Food aggression with other dogs    Food aggression with other dogs  EmptyThu Apr 14, 2016 8:45 am

Has anyone experienced food aggression with their dogs? Kai has become slightly food aggressive when other dogs are around over the past year. She has no issues with humans around her food. I can pet her,take her food away, etc but the second another dog gets near her she flips out. It was never a huge issue until we got the puppy. We have to police them during feeding time to make sure no one goes near the others food. They have to stay out of the kitchen when we cook or eat now because if Kai thinks mako is getting too close she will attack. She won't bite but does that teeth growling head bobbing thing.

It started when some idiot brought treats into the dog park and was feeding the dogs. Kai was patiently begging and this golden doodle attacked her and put her down over the treat. Now Kai is that dog. Whenever people bring treats to the park (this happens fairly often- idgi) I have to run over and tell them to put th treats away and I look like a jerk.

Is this just a husky thing? I read it is the whole pack mentality thing, but I figured I'd ask the other hundred or so husky owners here.
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Male Join date : 2014-08-18
Location : Terlingua, Texas

Food aggression with other dogs  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Food aggression with other dogs    Food aggression with other dogs  EmptyThu Apr 14, 2016 10:42 am

In my case I called it "food possessiveness" but it really amount to the same thing - stay away from "my food".  I've got the scars and four stitches that show she meant it.  As long as she's allowing you to "bother" her when she's eating then I don't think you have much of a problem.

Curiosity in a pup is normal - and "Hey, what do you have there?" is about as normal.  As long as Mako does not attack in full my inclination would be that she's teaching Kai (doggy style) that what's hers is hers and to leave it (her food) alone.  I've said this before and I know that some will disagree with me - but there are times that the best teaching is a rap on the nose, imho what you're seeing is Mako giving Kai a rap on the nose.  "I won't bother your food, bur you can't bother mine either!"

Now, as for the idiot (I think that's still politically correct) at the dog park.  He's asking for either a full on dog fight or to get attacked himself if the wrong dog is around.  While I have any dog parks in my neck of the woods, most - I think - have signs posted telling people what they can and cannot do with their dogs in the park. Things like "Shut the gate(s)", "No toys", "No food" and in some fashion or other "This is a shared park, you can't use it for personal training"  If there isn't a sign there I'd contact the people (county / city) about having one put up.  You might also find some help in local ordinances, since there's a dog park there is probably an ordinance about how it's to be run.  

You aren't, in any way, a jerk - you just happen to have "that dog" at the moment.  Common sense says that you don't bring smelly, good dog treats into a park to feed the horde - hordes have a strange way of reacting.

ETA: The following is taken from Designing a modle dog park which is an excellent and informative read.
Dog Park Rules

  1.   Each handler using the park is responsible for reading the rules of the dog park on first entering it.  
  2.    No handler may bring more than two (2) [alternatively, three (3)] dogs into the park at one time.  
  3.   A handler must be sixteen (16) years of age or older.  
  4.   A child between ten (10) and sixteen (16) years may enter the park only with a responsible adult.
  5.   A child under ten (10) may not be brought into the park in any case.  
  6.   Each dog brought into the park must be wearing, or the handler must carry, current vaccination and registration tags, which tags may be checked by a member of the Dog Park Group or by the animal control authority or other law enforcement authority.
  7.   Dogs are to be brought to the park on leashes and released inside the dog park, and put under the control of the leash again as they exit the dog park.   No spike, choke, electric, or prong collars are allowed on dogs in the park.
  8.   No female dog in heat, or sick dog, shall be brought into the dog park.  
  9.   Food, toys, and glass containers are not permitted in the dog park. Smoking is prohibited in the dog park.  
  10.    Handlers are to remain in visual contact with their dogs in the park, and shall have verbal control of their dogs in the park.  
  11.    A handler shall immediately leash and remove a dog that becomes aggressive, regardless of whether the dog has a history of bites or has been designated as a dangerous or vicious dog under state or other applicable law; in no event may a dog that has been designated as dangerous or vicious be brought into the park.   Criminal penalties apply to bringing a dangerous or vicious dog into this park.  
  12.    Dog bites shall be reported immediately to the [local police or animal control officer] at [phone number and email address].   All animal bites of other dogs or people shall be reported to local police and the animal control authority by anyone involved or witnessing the bite.  
  13.    Handlers shall control excessive barking.
  14.    A handler is responsible for destruction caused by his or her dog, which includes the responsibility of filling in any holes the dog digs while in the park.  

Okay, so I got a bit side tracked .....

Food aggression with other dogs  S-event    Food aggression with other dogs  S-event

“Properly trained, a man can be dog’s best friend.”

Corey Ford                    .
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Female Join date : 2016-03-30
Location : New Jersey

Food aggression with other dogs  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Food aggression with other dogs    Food aggression with other dogs  EmptyFri Apr 15, 2016 8:39 am

Kai chomped down on my finger once when I was trying to pull Lysol wipes out of her mouth, so I feel your pain.

Good to know someone else experiences this. I don't know anyone else with a husky. All my friends have dog dogs and just don't understand. Kai doesn't seem to act overly aggressive more of a warning signal to back off. Mako still has that puppy oblivious curiosity.

The food thing at our dog park happens fairly often, even though signs are posted. I guess I'll just have to keep being the treat police at the park. Spring seems to bring the new puppy owners at the park who, just like the dogs, need to learn the rules.

Thanks for the response!
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Stefanie Miles
Stefanie Miles

Female Join date : 2015-10-06
Location : Chattanooga, Tennessee

Food aggression with other dogs  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Food aggression with other dogs    Food aggression with other dogs  EmptyFri Apr 22, 2016 6:47 pm

Artemis is food aggressive towards dogs, as well as the kids. She is fine if my husband or I are near her/touch her/touch the bowl. If the kids, cats, or another dog is around, she growls and snaps. When we still had our Boxer, I fed Artemis in her crate and Ember in the kitchen or on the porch. I will probably do the same thing.

It doesn't help that she chews each piece 8465408945 times before swallowing. She eats SO SLOWLY.
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Food aggression with other dogs  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Food aggression with other dogs    Food aggression with other dogs  Empty

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Food aggression with other dogs

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