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 1 year old Husky training issues

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1 year old Husky training issues Empty
PostSubject: 1 year old Husky training issues   1 year old Husky training issues EmptySun Jan 28, 2018 10:15 am

Hi everyone! My daughter bought a husky about 6 months ago and she has since moved back in with me and brought the husky with her. I don't know anything about huskies. He is going to be 1 year old on Monday! A little background, soon after she got the dog she was moving from place to place and the dog did not have a stable home to be trained in. He urinates in the house a lot. If he is left alone for more than a couple of hours he will urinate in his crate. I worry every time I have to leave to go to work or go somewhere that he will urinate in his crate while I'm gone. He drinks A LOT and he has urine accidents inside the house a lot. He will just be walking around and will start urinating. I'm trying to take him outside as much as possible throughout the day, but this is difficult because I work. When I take him outside he goes right out, urinates, and comes back in.
He chews on EVERYTHING, but he has toys and a bone to chew on to try and distract him.
He literally cannot be left alone for very long or he will get into something or destroy it. Before he came to live with me, he chewed up the bottom plastic part of his crate and chewed a hole through another plastic crate. If anyone has advice on training or re-training a 1 year old Husky I would love the advice! I'm trying to make this his home and make him comfortable here because I know he has not had a very stable home environment so far. I'm also worried because when she purchased him she was living in Colorado with snow and cooler weather. I live in North Carolina and I'm worried that it will be too hot here for him. Especially in the summer. Thank you for the advice!
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1 year old Husky training issues Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1 year old Husky training issues   1 year old Husky training issues EmptySun Jan 28, 2018 11:35 am

First the good news, Husky are definitely multi-area dogs.  People have them in Siberia and Alaska for one extreme and the desert in Texas (that's me) and Abu Dhabi (that's in the Middle East, the UAE) so heat isn't a major problem for them.  What you need to be aware of is that your weather is a little problematic in that it's not only hot, it's hot and humid (did I need to tell you that?) You daughters boy will be more active during the early morning and late evening because his body will have a more difficult time cooling itself during the heat of the day.  (( Think evaporation cooling and you'll understand ... yes?? ))

Next is a suggestion that he might have a UTI, there are other possibilities but that's the most common.  A vet visit is in order to check that out and maybe suggest some blood work to rule out other conditions.  If he does, then getting that taken care of will help you get a handle on his urinating problem.

Your comment that he goes out, urinates and comes right back in - on a lead or in a fenced yard, I hope! - is typical Husky.  They're people dogs!  The don't necessarily want to be petted / played with but they typically want to be where their people are.

Chewing, at his age, (and he's still just an adult sized puppy) is probably boredom.  Huskies, by nature, want to be doing something. The suggestion you'll probably hear most is to take him out on a good 3-5 mile run in the morning and again in the evening - and then mental stimulation (read "training") during the day.  He'll probably happily go with anyone who'll run with him.  Do you have a dog walker around or maybe a neighbor who runs every morning who might be willing to have a shadow?

The other suggestion you'll probably hear is "Monitor what he's doing - all the time!" until he can be trusted.  For some folks that's keeping him crated when you can't be right with him or keep him tethered to you until he learns some manners (and until you learn what his "signs" are that he wants out.) Tethering, BTW is just a short leash that you hook to yourself or maybe the desk/table/chair where you are.

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1 year old Husky training issues

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