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 Bealer pups update

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Husky Stalker

Female Join date : 2009-05-29
Location : Denver, CO

Bealer pups update Empty
PostSubject: Bealer pups update   Bealer pups update EmptyWed Dec 07, 2022 5:05 pm

Hey everyone, long time no post. Life has been crazy for the last year, i guess puppies do that to you, add in a senior Jack and a vision challenged Finn and shit hits the fan.

Raven, our now 1yr old had knee surgery in Oct for a luxating patella (her knee cap was moving) the surgery worked but she is still limping with weekly PT visits and working on her at home. we are wondering if she needs more time to heal or if the 2 pins are bothering her.
Bealer pups update 20220910
Bealer pups update 20220911

Finn who is now 6 (how did that happen) has spent the last year with one eye and us having to do eye drops in that eye 4xs a day for his dry eye. he has been getting around fine but every now and then walks into something. he loves Raven and is really sad he cant play with her for the last 2.5 months.
Bealer pups update 20221010

Jack is about 14.5, or 15 who knows, we will call him 15 in march. we found out last fri that he has liver cancer after his stomach blew up with fluid and air over night and needed to be drained. ultrasound found a cyst on his kidney, a spleen that does not look right and 4 masses on his liver, 2 that look to be cancer and around 3-4" in size. I am heart broken but knew this was coming as he has not been eating much and has lost 4lbs in a short amount of time. surgery is not an option so we are keeping him as happy as we can, till we can't.
Bealer pups update 20221011
Bealer pups update 20221110

just wanted to pop on and give a quick update on how busy everything has been with the pups, so many vet visits!

Bealer pups update Iaht10

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Bealer pups update Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bealer pups update   Bealer pups update EmptyWed Dec 07, 2022 10:50 pm

I am giggling big time over the "lactating" patella. Though, Raven's luxating patella is nothing to giggle about.  Hopefully, she'll start walking normally soon enough. I have to wonder how much is discomfort and how much is habit/learned behavior.

I didn't realize Jack was quite so old. He's been a fixture here since I first joined. I'm sorry to hear of his diagnosis, wishing you and him comfort til the end.

And Finn with his eye - " shit hits the fan" certainly describes it.

Z'ev is now 13, 14 in June and Ami is now 10 so I know the feeling of sort of holding your breath, knowing that the end is closer than the beginning. Similarly, for us, now with me 71 and hubby 67. One of the men who owned the marina where we kept the boat just died last month. His death was a bit of a "sit up and take notice." Nice man. Always had a dog trotting around, he was devoted to them. His kids even mentioned his dogs in his obituary, suggesting that the dog(s) were perhaps more cherished than human family (said humorously.)

Sigh. The circle of life. Hugs to you, Ken and an extra belly rub for the pups.
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Female Join date : 2013-06-14
Location : Missouri

Bealer pups update Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bealer pups update   Bealer pups update EmptyMon Dec 12, 2022 11:37 am

My how the time flies. I didn't realize Finn was that old already. Kenzi and Jack are near in age. Kenzi is around 14 I think. Every heat cycle we go through with diabetes I wonder if this is going to be the one that gets her and I hold my breath for a few weeks since her blood sugar goes batty with the hormones.

Bealer pups update Huskyf10
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Bealer pups update Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bealer pups update   Bealer pups update Empty

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Bealer pups update

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