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 I just need ppl to talk to that understand

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I just need ppl to talk to that understand Empty
PostSubject: I just need ppl to talk to that understand   I just need ppl to talk to that understand EmptyThu Jun 20, 2024 9:39 pm

Always had husky lost my last 6yrs ago to cancer n it killed me. Finally ready so my partner got me a husky/ German shepherd if it's relevant. Male never had a male. He 10 month old and he so loveable yet so freaking naughty. I've never experienced this naughty behaviour before, but I just want to vent as I sick of the comments. Yes he is my dog so I do everything for him yet my partner wants to snipe at well if I was in charge he wouldn't do x,y,z. My neighbour moans when you go out he howls for you and it drives us crazy. I wfh I go out 15min max on sch run. My kids will tell me if i food shop.weekend we all in house, he won't come to us or play wnt move from front door till you get back. Because when I first take him on walk he super crazy mad my neighbour wants to tell me about the dog whisperer n how I should walk him. Believe me it was hard work but he does walk good sure you can hear him howling and going crazy while I'm putting harness on and we first leave house but g8ve him a min he adjusts and it a pleasant walk. They pissed he vocal, uuumm yeah husky n I love it. He is not aggressive, never has been and I wouldn't put my k8ds or him in that position. I've never felt scared of him, he does everything I say and continues to learn. He is literally my shadow he always with me but yeah he does do naughty crap. Like tonight he in garden with something he shouldn't have but he wnt drop it, wnt come inside ever wen u call his name,wnt come on his name but thinks he amazing cause he gunna do laps round the garden so fast u can't catch him so I go inside shut door he realizes oh she dnt care. So you know what he does, oh she gunna care about her washing on the line so I'm gunna jump take it all down but I know I'm in the wrong so once she comes out I'm going to take myself to my crate n stay there. I teach him, he listens, he also does wtf he wants. But I get mad, he gets pissed but it's gone 1am and he's sleeping nxt to me and I'm worried about how im.doing him wrong! Im thinking tonight he Would he be better off somewhere else as my neighbour said her mate got one ov his brother's and he nothing like mine. He quiet, meek, is so well behaved soon as bloke gets home you dnt hear or see the dog so she thinks I'm a shit owner. I dnt think I am just cause you can't see the bond, how he behaves for me. I'm not stopping him being a husky, the noise, the excitement. I dnt know you professionals will see the flaws in all I say. So many ppl coming at me with all negative shit, if my dog can do better he should . Maybe others could make him better behaved but would they love him as much as I do. Am I bad for him???
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I just need ppl to talk to that understand Empty
PostSubject: Re: I just need ppl to talk to that understand   I just need ppl to talk to that understand EmptySat Jun 22, 2024 10:56 am

Loving your dog means teaching him to live politely with other people, giving him boundaries, rules rules, good behavior. Without that he becomes an outcast.
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Location : Missouri

I just need ppl to talk to that understand Empty
PostSubject: Re: I just need ppl to talk to that understand   I just need ppl to talk to that understand EmptyMon Jun 24, 2024 12:03 pm

People can literally love their dogs to death. They do it by loving them through food and feeding them treats until they are obese and unhealthy and develop issues that kill them. They love them to death by never setting rules and ending up with them confiscated by animal control for noise violations. They love them to death by playing with them the way they want to play until one day they mouth someone and end up put down for biting. The saying "Love is blind" does not apply in situations of behavior. Not with kids and not with pets. If one of your kids was trashing your clean laundry in the backyard and mouthing off to you, would you let it slide? If it was your kids running down the street screaming at the top of their lungs and knocking over trash cans, would you let it slide? I would hope not. It's not that your kids shouldn't be allowed to have fun. It just means take them to the park where screaming and jumping and messes are expected.

Your dog is young and that is just a bit par for the course at this age. Patience is definitely needed. It's not been that long since my pup was a rocket ship, so I do feel your struggle. They are going to push boundaries. We call it the teen years. Whatever you accept now though is what he will do later. Discipline and boundaries doesn't mean that you don't love your dog. If anything it means you love your dog so much you are unwilling to let his behavior carry him to an early grave or a life behind bars.

You have a dog with a monumental amount of energy and an unhealthy level of separation anxiety specifically with you. Those two things could frankly be helped a ton by going to doggy daycare a day or two a week if you can make it happen. It would get him good and necessary socialization with other dogs, burn off a ton of energy, and help him detach from you a little bit. If your kids and partner need to be able to handle him then they need to take active roles in his care. Feeding him, taking him out, training him. You may have to do this with them to help make the transition from him focusing on you to him focusing on them more. Huskies can be vocal but he has to learn there's a time and a place for it. I'm with you, I don't want my dogs to not be themselves. What I love about northern breeds is their attitude and energy level that makes me keep my butt moving even when I don't want to. But there are ways for them to be themselves without terrorizing the rest of the world.

I just need ppl to talk to that understand Huskyf10
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I just need ppl to talk to that understand Empty
PostSubject: Re: I just need ppl to talk to that understand   I just need ppl to talk to that understand Empty

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I just need ppl to talk to that understand

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