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 Adjusting to a new pup

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Adjusting to a new pup Empty
PostSubject: Adjusting to a new pup   Adjusting to a new pup EmptySun Mar 08, 2015 12:38 am

I am new here however, I figured this might be the best place to get information from those with experience that google cannot provide. I have had a husky boxer mix for the past year, she was 3 months old and a delightful and obedient dog. Given the nature of the breeds she is a bi-product of, I have always been very firm and dominant with her yet loving. She was perfectly cage trained and the only issue we had with her that was a struggle is an occasional bark when she was outside at passer bys.

About two weeks ago, I got a new pure bred husky. She was supposedly a ten week old pup born on December 5th. When I picked her up, I had expected her to be bigger, but did not really think about it. Now that she has reached the 3 month mark and I have spent a lot of time working with her. I have an inkling that they were not so honest about her age. She does not even weigh ten pounds, and comes to my knees and I am only 5'3". Also, at 3 months Ali, had grasped the concept of potty training and was able to tell me when she had to go potty before she had to. Zuka, the new pup, she doesn't let me know till after she does her business and even though I am taking her out every 2 hours or so, she is having a lot of accidents in her house and her crate. She is a very loving dog and loves to snuggle and play, I just am a bit worried that she is a lot younger than I was told and I am not sure if that will have any affect on training and raising her.

My other issue is with Ali. Since the arrival of Zuka, she has been absolutely bad. It is not as if she is jealous and acting out, more so like an excited toddler who has forgotten everything she knew. She does not want to come in side at all, to the point where I chase her around the yard several times before I successfully get her inside. Getting her in her cage is even more of a struggle. It is like she has reverted back to a completely untrained pup and my nerves are shot. I try my best to be firm and not angry and hide my frustration from her. But I am really at my wits end and am pretty sure fighting with her has put my back out of place given that she is close to 100 pounds. Despite her forgetting everything, she is not like defiant about it for the sake of being defiant, she just wants to play. I am not sure where to progress with the situation. Right now I am at a point where I continue to enforce the rules that have always been in place and am trying to be a strong "alpha" but deep down I really am praying that she comes to her senses and is just going through a phase. Does anyone have any experience with anything similar?
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Adjusting to a new pup Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adjusting to a new pup   Adjusting to a new pup EmptySun Mar 08, 2015 3:05 am

I'm sorry you feel you were duped by the people who sold you your puppy. I don't think it matters much for your behavioral concerns here, but, for you personally that's just a hard pull to swallow.  

So from a training perspective,  your dogs, especially your puppy, just have too much freedom to do what they want when they want. Why do I say this? Two reasons:

- your puppy isn't being house trained properly.......because of too much freedom

-your two dogs are escalating to an excited state to the point of disobedience and frustrating you......because of too much freedom.  

Dogs don't need to play all the time, unmoderated at their every whim. With two dogs especially you need to start limiting their impulses and controlling indoors with more boundaries and structure.   I strongly recommend that you start training with the doorway to your house as an On/Off switch.  If they have free reign in the yard , great ( don't Ever chase your dog in an attempt to get them to Obey you. You are training the dog to think of you as a game and discouraging obedience).  But the second they walk through the door, play time is over.  You absolutely have to step in and disengage any behaviors that will escalate the energy level and end in bratty , rambunctious playfulness:

-targeting or staring
-toy excitement

Your older dog needs to know Down with a strong Stay and Place command, which is just hang out on this thing and don't leave until released.

Your puppy should be learning these as well and be spending more time on leash indoors , basically tethered to you . This will be the key for house training and teaching calmness indoors.

They should both be waiting politely at doorways , especially coming into the house .  If they can freely bolt through the door at will that means inside is a free for all and excitement, which is the opposite of what you want.

Your older dog has relapsed due to the excitement of having a playmate and them both having a free for all and too much access to one another without boundaries and structure.  

Time to up your game at training right now. Once this puppy gets to the 7-8 month range it will get 10 times worse if you don't set the foundation right now.
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Adjusting to a new pup

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