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 Random Equipment questions

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Count Alexander

Join date : 2016-09-22

Random Equipment questions Empty
PostSubject: Random Equipment questions   Random Equipment questions EmptySat Nov 26, 2016 11:06 pm

The story:
My husky, jill, tears through anything not made of metal due to her separation and confinement anxiety (she has to be cooped up and lazed around due to heartworms)

I need a metal collar that is not a choke collar, any brands in particular make those?
*If not i can make one myself withing a week, just pressed for time with school and all*

I need a full metal chain leash, nothing leather (not even the handle), any brands with those?
*Again I can make one, but I am pressed short on time due to school so it would be almost a month due to HW, activities, work, etc...*

Why are huskies so misunderstood by floppy eared dogs?

Almost forgot to ask, i also need a chain harness that will only be worn for potty breaks for Jill. I cannot make one because I have never made a harness before and am too afraid of making one and it hurting her. Any brands that have a chain harness?

PS: she can chew up anything that is not metal on her body in 20-40 seconds... Even an hour ago i turned my back to throw something away and her leash looked like it was cut in three places with a knife or scizzors, the only proof it was her is the spit.... the piles and piles of spit.... *cold child*
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Female Join date : 2013-06-14
Location : Missouri

Random Equipment questions Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Equipment questions   Random Equipment questions EmptySun Nov 27, 2016 1:44 pm

Never heard of a chain harness. Don't think it would ever work due to pinching. Bad idea.

Most pet stores have chain, non-choke collars, but if you have a choke collar you can stop it from sliding by clipping two links together with a mini carabiner at the size needed. Same with a chain leash. A pet store or even their website should turn up such a thing. Full chain leashes, without a leather handle, will probably have to be made. Not comfortable to walk one. Hard to hold onto, but she shouldn't be able to chew the handle that you are holding onto without you knowing and being able to correct the behavior.

Erect ears of Huskies can make them take on a more challenging stance that can be misread by other dogs as aggressive or challenging thus spurring conflicts. Dogs read body language and Huskies have a more intense language than most dogs. This is why proper socialization is so important to teach Huskies boundaries and proper meeting behavior.

Now, all of that said, swapping th to chain everything to avoid this chewing problem is not advisable. If the dog misbehaving is resulting in that much damage that quickly a chain can destroy her teeth just as fast. Your dog needs mental stimulation. Teach tricks, get puzzle toys and use them before going for a walk to help burn off energy. A dog shouldn't be able to chew their own collar if it's sized properly.

Random Equipment questions Huskyf10
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Count Alexander

Join date : 2016-09-22

Random Equipment questions Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Equipment questions   Random Equipment questions EmptySun Nov 27, 2016 9:57 pm

Thank you, and that is something have have been trying, but the everything chain idea was a last resort.

Needless to say I have tried training and the only time the behavior is executed is when she cannot see me, and to make matters worse she cannot be trained. She does not get motivated by anything, not even table food, heck she refuses to eat only once a day and that is only when im beside her, she has starved herself before when I started feeding her while I am gone, food sat in her bowl for a week and then I figured it out. My local area pet trainers all tell me one thing in common, and that is my husky is not a normal husky, shes too smart for her own good and whoever had her before me (assuming she is not previously human) trained her too well and reinforced bad behaviors too well. I have tried correcting this but nobody has gotten anywhere, but hey we have gotten her to start wagging her tail when she is happy Smile

Oh and we tried to leave her in a kennel and we came home to an imploded kennel... yes imploded... looked like somebody beat it up but Jill pulled it in on herself (we had a security system set up to monitor her while we were gone and wow...)

She also makes her own potty pads, she will find any paper laying around after 10 hours of holding it and make three to four layers and let it flow (only pee, no poo). She is well trained, sit, lay, stay, quit, talk, howl, sing, bark, whine, paw, lick, pant, potty time, never pulls on her leash, never chews out of boredom BUT chews out of anxiety (the vet did a study on her to see what was going wrong a figured out she is fine until she lets fear take hold and prescribed pills for her to help), only licks herself clean when nobody is looking or unless we say its okay.

-again that was drilled into her from her previous owner but it was reinforced in a bad way because she was badly abused by said owner when I adopted her. Also after doing one of the skills listed above she expects a beating... (but i disappoint her with a hug and kiss on the noggin and lots of attention).

PS: I introduced grooming to her and she loves loves it (brushing, nail clipping, fur trimming, teeth brushing, etc)
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Female Join date : 2012-11-01
Location : Spokane WA

Random Equipment questions Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Equipment questions   Random Equipment questions EmptyMon Nov 28, 2016 12:20 am

1) I would not suggest a metal collar, no such thing outside of a choke, especially if you are going to be leaving it on her unsupervised.  A correctly fitted collar will not be accessible by mouth, but extra precaution, don't leave it on when you can't watch her.

2) same thing for her leash, don't leave it anywhere she can reach it.  There is no reason for her to have access to it unless you are walking her.

3) NEVER a chain harness.  That can severely hurt her and will ruin her coat.  Again, a harness is not something to leave on when not supervised.

Siberians are a naturally intelligent breed, so be prepared to keep her mentally stimulated (which in time will help with anxiety). Also, Siberians are metabolically efficient in comparison to other breeds, free feeding often leads to either picky non-eaters or over indulgers. Once a day feeding is very normal and absolutely acceptable.
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PostSubject: Re: Random Equipment questions   Random Equipment questions Empty

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Random Equipment questions

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