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 My puppy is super rough?

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Join date : 2017-03-11

My puppy is super rough? Empty
PostSubject: My puppy is super rough?   My puppy is super rough? EmptySat Mar 11, 2017 11:51 am

Hello! So my family recently adopted a Siberian Husky puppy, we have two other dogs, a Golden Retreiver and a medium size mix (We dont know what she is) We have had Kona his whole life basically, and everytime he plays with our other dogs, he hurts them. The smaller dog has scabs and bruises all over and my Golden gets super scared and growls and barks at him. Sometimes it looks like they are enjoying themselves but other times my Husky puppy is literally the devil lol. We try to remove him from the situation but he ends up nipping us and growling at us.
It scares the younger kids in our house and Im not sure how to stop this or help it. Should I call a trainer and bring them in?
Right now I just put the other dogs inside and our Husky outside for about 10minutes. If he comes in and is calm he gets to stay but if not he goes back out.

I dont know if this is just puppy behavior but I intervine because my other dogs seem like they have no idea what to do. My smaller one just lays there and takes and my Golden just growls.
He just finished his vaccinations so I walk him about a mile everyday to tire him out. Sorry, I know this is alot of information, my family is just stressing out about it.
Thank you!
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Location : Missouri

My puppy is super rough? Empty
PostSubject: Re: My puppy is super rough?   My puppy is super rough? EmptySat Mar 11, 2017 2:23 pm

5 minutes of walking per month of age at a time I believe is standard and always on soft surfaces like grass. On a young pup a mile in one go is too much.

It is puppy play. It's up to you to set the boundaries. When you separate make sure you hold and make sit or stay until he completely calms down. Try leashing him so you have something easy to grab onto to better control and correct him from biting at you while you wait him out to settle down.

My puppy is super rough? Huskyf10
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My puppy is super rough? Empty
PostSubject: Re: My puppy is super rough?   My puppy is super rough? EmptySat Mar 11, 2017 2:29 pm

On the one hand, it's a natural and just smile and say "Well, that's a Husky!"  Without a doubt, they play rougher than any other dog I've ever had.

I'm assuming that you're referring to a real puppy (something like 3-4 months old at most?)  If so, I'm surprised that the Goldy hasn't put him in his place.  If you're referring to a very young puppy, there's something called puppy license, here's something I wrote a while back that may give you some ideas:

Quote :
What is Puppy License?

We often see questions on the forum that sound like "My puppy is misbehaving; he's doing <something>!"  In the puppies' mind, whatever it is, is play.  Just like baby humans, baby dogs (puppies) learn by doing and while we seldom interfere with what a baby human is doing (unless it's dangerous, obviously), most people don't think twice about "correcting a puppy".

In his canine family, puppies are corrected all the time in doggy fashion.  Serious infractions of "puppy etiquette" are corrected when momma gets up and walks off, less serious infractions are corrected by stopping whatever the puppy was doing.  Generally, puppies are allowed to experience the world (as limited as it might be for a puppy) on their own terms.  Simple infractions are ignored - just like we'd ignore the human baby who "cleans off the coffee table".  This is, in simple terms puppy license.

Puppies learn how to be a dog by being around other dogs.  They run and jump; they attack you from behind the couch; they grab anything they can find and they chew it, your shoes, your pants, your couch, you!  That's one thing that human babies and puppies have in common - "Oh what's this?" and into their mouth it goes!  

If you brought your puppy home when he was at the desired 8 weeks old (or better 12 weeks), he'll have had the opportunity to learn from his damn and his siblings (mother and brothers and sisters) what he can get away with and what he can't.  At the same time, he'll continue to expand his horizons; he'll push every button you have and a few you didn't know you had!  That's all a part of being a puppy - and if you're a good, puppy smart owner, you'll let him.

When a puppy grows up with his canine family, they can almost get away with murder.  When they're playing with a sibling and they bite too hard, the other pup yelps and then leaves - almost as if to say "This isn't fun any more!" and they both learn that there are limits to how hard they can bite in play and still be allowed to play.  

Depending on the puppy, sometime around the three to four month mark, all bets are off!  They lose their puppy license and if they haven't learned how to behave properly, doggie style, the corrections start to become more severe.  We all know that puppy teeth are razor sharp, pity the poor damn who has a puppy who hasn't learned to "bite easy" when he's nursing.  Before he loses his puppy license, momma's just going to get up and walk away, after he loses that right momma is quite apt to snap ( "Behave!" )

Now, don't get the idea that momma lets them do anything, anytime; she knows better, she knows she's raising a dog who has to fit into his dog world.  Some things she starts teaching earlier for example, pushing a pup who defecates in the "den" outside to do his "dirt".  Other things like bite inhibition and sharing are best learned from his peers, removing a puppy from his litter too early means that you will have to act as surrogate damn and siblings.

What your Goldy is doing when he growls  is telling the puppy to behave; it sounds as if the puppy - being a typical Husky puppy - is ignoring the correction.  That will change when the puppy license expires and your Goldy says "Enough's enough!" and snaps - expect it and don't be surprised.

Since you do have younger children who are uncomfortable with the "Hyper Husky" what you're doing, putting him into a timeout, is about the best thing you can do.  You're showing him that his behaviour is not acceptable.

The other thing that you might do - and is recommended here often - is to put a house leash (a 3 - 4 foot leash) on your puppy.  When he misbehaves - gets too rowdy - take the leash and put pressure on it to remove him from the situation.  It's a lot safer than reaching in to try to grab a collar and no one gets nipped.

My puppy is super rough? S-event    My puppy is super rough? S-event

“Properly trained, a man can be dog’s best friend.”

Corey Ford                    .
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My puppy is super rough? Empty
PostSubject: Re: My puppy is super rough?   My puppy is super rough? EmptyMon Mar 13, 2017 1:19 pm

Well trained, well behaved dogs are the best teachers for puppies. They will do a great job of telling the puppy where the line is. The smaller dog may not be able to defend himself and stop the Husky from crossing the line, whereas the lab can. If the smaller dog is a very submissive dog, he may not be willing to step up.
In those situations, you need to step up.

We introduced a husky to a senior dog that had previously been the submissive part of a pair. The husky took advantage of this. We had to step in and correct the husky on several occasions. We had to draw the line in the sand and enforce it. The older dog grew a spine and started to enforce his own boundaries as well. They now get along very well.
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My puppy is super rough? Empty
PostSubject: Re: My puppy is super rough?   My puppy is super rough? Empty

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My puppy is super rough?

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