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 Considering getting a husky for emotional support

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Join date : 2018-01-14

Considering getting a husky for emotional support Empty
PostSubject: Considering getting a husky for emotional support   Considering getting a husky for emotional support EmptySun Jan 14, 2018 10:54 pm

Hey guys! I am considering getting a husky but first I need to give you some background:

I had been blessed with a BEAUTIFUL sweet husky girl in January 2017. I got her at 8 weeks and had to say goodbye to her at 15 weeks. I lived in a student living apartment complex (I am a college student) and she contracted parvo despite me taking VERY good care of her (never letting her play with dogs I didn't know the vax history of) and keeping up with her vaccinations. She was just about to get her last one (shot number 3 at 16 weeks) when she got sick. The thing with student living is that parvo is really common because kids get puppies because it's "cool" yet can't afford to vaccinate them Sad So my poor Elbie got sick so I took her into my work (I work at the emergency vet) and the doctor told me they could treat her but it did not look promising. After hours and hours of crying and talking to my mom, I decided to end her suffering and said goodbye to my precious angel on March 28 2017. (I will attach a picture of her below)
That being said, I do have husky experience so I am not necessarily a "new" owner. Sure Elbie and I never got out of puppyhood, but I have more experience than a newbie would.

Moving on: I am looking to get another one soon maybe summer/fall time (I have since moved out of that apartment complex!!). I work with an assistance dog training program on my campus and absolutely love doing it. I have pretty bad ADHD and anxiety, so working with the assistance dogs really helps me feel better. Training the dogs makes me feel like I have a purpose in life. I love to train them as it really relaxes me and brings me joy. I am going to talk to my psychiatrist to see if she thinks I would benefit from an emotional support dog. I am considering getting another sweet husky pup because I like the "training challenge" that they pose. The program I work with only trains goldens & labs. I am very strict on training and never let dogs get away with anything. I do not train like Caesar though!
Anyway, getting to my point, I was just wondering what all you husky experts thought about me getting and working with a husky pup? Has anyone else used their husky pup as emotional support? I don't really know how to end this, but any and all input/advice would be appreciated!
Thanks guys!

Here is a picture of my sweet Elbie girl
Considering getting a husky for emotional support Img_2910
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Male Join date : 2017-03-30
Location : Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Considering getting a husky for emotional support Empty
PostSubject: Re: Considering getting a husky for emotional support   Considering getting a husky for emotional support EmptySun Jan 14, 2018 11:29 pm

Hi! hannahn96

I'm so sorry to hear about your Elbie girl.

As for getting a dog, get whatever breed you're interested in.  Afterall if this dog is going to help you with your anxiety/ADHD, you need to love it, not think of what might have been if you chose something else =P.  But a word of caution.  Huskies are notorious for having a personality.  While this is the singularly most loveable part of this breed, it can also be frustrating as well.

I would also like to mention that if you're looking for a very cuddly breed, you maybe disappointed.  While I know some huskies that are super loveable, I will definitely say my guy is not.  I've had Echo for over a year now and I can probably say he's been in my bed for 1hr total his entire life.  He doesn't go on the couch (not that i let him), so no snuggling there, and he prefers to sleep downstairs by himself because it's probably cooler.  You can overpet my husky and don't even think about picking him up.  The only time he really lets you fondle him is at night when he's sleepy and after a 4 hour dog park adventure.  I will tell you he would make an awful therapy dog =P.  He hates being pet so bad that people at the dog park love to touch and wrestle with him just to see and hear the reaction out of him.  We all have a good laugh.  

Also a note on the energy requirements of a husky.  I myself have been to university and the time devoted to going to classes, studying and homework, sometimes gets a bit overwhelming not adding a dog in the mix of things.  Know that huskies are a high energy breed that require a lot of exercise to be stimulated both physically and mentally, and if you're not able to provide that regularly they become destructive, loud and may end up causing you more anxiety.  To put it into perspective, I'm usually out with my husky for at least 3-4 hours a day at a dog park, where he runs and wrestles with other dogs, and while I'm at work, I pay for him to go to a dog sitter because (a) I feel bad and (b) I know he would be CRAZY in the house (i have him videos of him countertop surfing and jumping onto my blinds when i'm not at home).

So just be prepared for the worst.  I mean you might have an angel of a dog and you're golden, but I feel like you'll probably land yourself somewhere in the middle.  I will say huskies are a bit more work than some other dog breeds that I know.   While echo brings a lot of joy to my life, he also does cause me significant stress and anxiety which i'm sure you've had the pleasure of dealing with in your short term with Elbie.   So just be mindful of these few potential problems that I've mentioned (and i'm just scraping the surface), but if you think you're better off with, than by all means GO FOR IT!

Good luck!
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Male Join date : 2017-11-17
Location : Sacramento, CA

Considering getting a husky for emotional support Empty
PostSubject: Re: Considering getting a husky for emotional support   Considering getting a husky for emotional support EmptyMon Jan 15, 2018 2:30 pm

Many Husky owners seek emotional support groups once they discover what they have gotten themselves into, vs the Husky themselves, providing emotional support.

While not impossible, Huskies generally do not make very good service animals; they are strong willed, independent, stubborn, and seem to have endless amounts of energy.

Personally, I would advise waiting until you are out of college, and have both the time, and space for a Husky.
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Male Join date : 2016-09-01
Location : Pierre, SD

Considering getting a husky for emotional support Empty
PostSubject: Re: Considering getting a husky for emotional support   Considering getting a husky for emotional support EmptyTue Jan 16, 2018 1:15 pm

Sorry about Elbie, she was a very cute little furball.

I'd say that a husky probably isn't the best support animal. Huskies require an incredible amount of training (which it sounds like you would probably be good at), but even with the best of training, they can ignore you, or go through phases where they could care less about your existence. While all dogs can be different, most huskies aren't the cuddly type and prefer to be on the move and active. Perceived loyalty can be an issue also. Huskies are loyal animals, but don't appear to be because they interact with everyone and like to just take off and run away to go explore.

If anything, a husky is likely to trigger problems for people that have ADHD, anxiety issues, trust issues, depression issues etc. If your husky gets free and runs off, your anxiety is going to run wild. If your husky is totally ignoring all the training you've done, it's likely to trigger anxiety or depression issues. A husky's high activity demand likely isn't going to be good for the ADHD as most husky's seem to suffer from ADHD also.

College itself is a rough time with high demands and lots of triggers. Mixing in a high demand breed like a husky would be difficult for anyone. Huskies aren't big fans of change either. Changing their activity schedule (due to class schedule changes) may cause behavior issues. Changing locations (moving from one residence to another, and back and forth to home and school on weekends/summers) can often be a source of distress for huskies.

I'd suggest something a little lower on the energy scale, and a little higher on the loyalty scale like a lab, or a beagle. Dachshund, Brittany, and yorkie are also good options.

I'm not saying 'never' to a husky for you, just not sure if this is the right time. A husky may be a great next pet for you. After you are out of college and have settled somewhere, a husky could be a great motivator for you. It would keep you active, and on a set schedule.
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Considering getting a husky for emotional support Empty
PostSubject: Re: Considering getting a husky for emotional support   Considering getting a husky for emotional support Empty

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Considering getting a husky for emotional support

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