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 Advice Please

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Male Join date : 2010-12-22
Location : Portland, OR

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PostSubject: Advice Please   Advice Please EmptyMon May 16, 2022 1:17 am

I don't know if this should be listed in husky advice or marital advice.
Bodhi died last September.
He was my third husky, and most probably an irreplaceable dog.
I was so connected to that dog.
I miss him more than anything, talk to him daily, walk with his collar in my pocket.

However, I am getting the itch for a new dog.
My wife wants a smaller and more controllable dog than a husky.
She also wants a dog that sheds less than a husky.
I am not a small dog person.
I like to hike, backpack and skijor.
For his first three years, I ran Bodhi, but when my knees gave out, I walked him for 7-8 miles a day.
I am 73 and healthy, but mortality is playing a role in this choice.
If I kick, my wife doesn't want to be left with a dog that has high exercise needs.

Right now, I'm inclined to have Bodhi be my last dog.
But I know that there are 6-7 year old rescues out there who need a home...
Advice please.
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Female Join date : 2013-06-14
Location : Missouri

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PostSubject: Re: Advice Please   Advice Please EmptyMon May 16, 2022 10:05 am

Little dogs live longer in general so if you are worried about mortality she (or your kids) will be more apt to be left with a little dog. I think an older dog would be a great option if she is worried about being able to handle one. That said, not all older huskies slow down so you would want to make sure she was in on the choosing of said elder. My 13 year old diabetic can still do 10+ mile hikes, but I do have a 9 year old who is the epitome of easy despite being 90 pounds. We've always had multiple dogs. I choose one that's on my level and my husband chooses one one his level (though I usually am the caretaker of all of them). If you have someone who could take the larger dog if for some unthinkable reason mortality does catch you before it catches it then perhaps have a backup home setup to will the dog to after your passing if your wife were to decide she couldn't handle it.

It's always a good idea to have a pet contingency plan in case there's an accident regardless of age. I could get hit by a car while out riding my bike and no longer be able to help with the animals. If that were the case my husband could handle our older dogs because, outside of their medical needs, their exercise needs are pretty low. Kenzi when she was 5 years old though would have run him ragged.

You need to run the older dog idea by your wife and see what she thinks. Does she actually like little dogs or is her hesitation simply based on sized and ability to handle. If she is wanting a companion for herself then would she be open to a couple dogs, one for her and one for you, if you could assure her that if she was left with the dog that you could line up an acceptable home for it to go to if she decided she couldn't handle it?

Another question would be what she considers a smaller dog? Huskies aren't large so depending on what her definition is of small and manageable there maybe a dog that would fit the middle ground for the both of you like a Shiba Inu that is smaller but has the stamina to keep up with the activity that you seek.

Advice Please Huskyf10
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Female Join date : 2013-12-20

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PostSubject: Re: Advice Please   Advice Please EmptyMon May 16, 2022 2:09 pm

I echo the thoughts of an older dog. While it won't help much on the shedding dept ( maybe gift her a Roomba when you get the dog?), I have 2 huskies with extraordinarily different temperaments. And I don't believe it's the age difference - Ami is older now than when Z'ev first arrived, Z'ev was always much calmer, easy to walk. As for exercise needs - for the past 2 years I have had my foot problem aggravated, hubby has developed a hip problem and they have had very little walking. Like Al,. These guys seem to be content with their life. I do have 5 acres in invisible fence which Ami uses to the fullest. Z'ev seems to stay within a 125 ft radius of the house, even when I go beyond that, he just laid down under the pine tree and waits for me.  And should you decide on an older husky for you to tromp with a cute little ankle biter for your wife, likely they would keep each other entertained. For the record? I am NOT a fan of the cute little ankle biters - I trip over them and I want a dog with substance. Also, I don't have to bend was far to put collars on, snap leashes, brush coats.  And, when I needed it, Ami is sturdy and tall enough I can rest my hand on his withers to stabilize my self, whether walking gnarly trails or sitting down/getting up in the grass. And? Out for a walk - a stranger with a bad attitude will think twice about approaching a silent husky in protective stance than a yappy little thing dispatched with a swift kick!

Just my thoughts.

Last edited by aljones on Mon May 16, 2022 2:48 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Fixed a couple of spelling errors - actress -> acres)
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Male Join date : 2014-08-18
Location : Terlingua, Texas

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PostSubject: Re: Advice Please   Advice Please EmptyMon May 16, 2022 3:22 pm

When I had Sasha put down last year I realized that both these two are 11.  Like their owner they're in basically good health even if I do watch them closely.  I've had two dogs "go for a walk" and never come home down here and that hurts more than helping them across the bridge.

I've got a couple of years on you, I'm 75 now and I can't picture being dogless. If either of these passes I'll probably go looking for an older black lab. I've enjoyed two of them in my time, they're big enough that I can use them for a crutch when I get a dizzy spell (like I do Avalanche), they're almost without exception trainable, they shed but nowhere near as much as a Husky, unlike a Husky they tend to stay around home and I do like their personality.

Once upon a time a friend gifted me with a mixed spaniel (to watch her chase squirrels, she had to be a springer spaniel) and as much fun as she was I wouldn't want another as small as she was. Like @amymeme said, I'd rather not have to stoop / squat every time I had to put a leash on that small a dog.

I can't suggest what you should do about the wife, I don't know any rescues that take them in on trade (and I have no experience with one) but you've gotten two more serious answers before I added my "this is what I'd do."

Advice Please S-event    Advice Please S-event

“Properly trained, a man can be dog’s best friend.”

Corey Ford                    .
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Female Join date : 2018-10-22
Location : Colorado

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PostSubject: Re: Advice Please   Advice Please EmptyMon May 16, 2022 5:00 pm

We do pairs most of the time. Who gets a gsd puppy and a terrier puppy at the same time. And with squirt maybe having a new home and shadow doing badly we have been discussing dogs. Ive been trying to sell jerry on a purebred sibe and a dalmatian or cane corso. Id consider another wolfdog.

Not being morbid but we have crossed several breeds off that might be what your looking for, for exactly why we wont consider one. A bernese mtn dog has a short coat variety and so does a st bernard. Both tend to be mellow but big and good for hiking with. And why i wont consider one is they only live 4 to 6 years on avg. Longer coat you have the great pyr and newfoundland and leonberger.

It almost sounds like what you want is a Rhodesian ridgeback. Laid back couch potato dog in the house, ready to go for as long as you are outside but perfectly happy with a fenced in yard. And short hair.

If you are interested in an older malamute, one of the local shelters has one that has been there for years. The home for squirt might have fallen through but you want a bigger dog then her with less hair and less other animal issues. As for older purebred huskies, a huge sled dog operation was shut down for lack of snow and financial reasons and about 300 huskies need homes. They did move them all over the state and the country.
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PostSubject: Re: Advice Please   Advice Please Empty

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Advice Please

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