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 Thinking about breeding?

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Female Join date : 2013-12-10
Location : New Zealand

Thinking about breeding? - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Thinking about breeding?   Thinking about breeding? - Page 4 EmptyWed Dec 11, 2013 4:58 pm

yeah, I guess breeding will forever be a touchy subject - I wasnt to concerned about Digger being a backyard boy - My dogs are strictly PETS... It does bother me however that he may have a pre-disposition to a variety of genetic related problems... but for the most part I KNEW and KNOW these may happen - In saying that, Keyto could develop problems later on also, who knows what damage there may be to her pelvis after being a breeder... I do know her pelvic floor isn't very good ... she cant get through from 10pm til 5am without going 'winks', which she does in the bathroom instead of on my carpet which I give her top marks for.

To explain a little better at what I am trying to say, here is a wee story..

(I was raised on a farm so don't really give 2 hoots about how shabby I may appear on any given day... there are more important things then the clothes I wear)

I bought my daughter a kitten for her seventh birthday. I believe children should be raised with animals, to learn a variety of things like compassion, how to treat an animal, responsibility etc.

Her cat came home at around 6 months old with hernias down her abdomen, don't know how she got them, may have been a dog, may have been her falling on a fence, etc..

I rushed her to the vet. The Accounts women decided in her wisdom that I must be 'finacially challenged' most likely because I was wearing a knitted beanie, a jacket which I have had for around 10 years that has seen better days, Jeans that used to fit - Put it this way - I was wearing far from my Sunday best. (Stuff what I look like - the cat is in pain)

Anyway after discussing as to wether it was a good idea to get her spayed at the same time, the woman said 'there are much cheaper options' ... I said 'you mean put her down?' She said 'It's an option..

My heart sunk. Then I got very mad.

I told the woman that I never take on an animal unless I am fully prepared to meet ANY financial needs, and the fact that fixing her up was going to cost between 200-300 was not at all an issue - It was FIXABLE... You don't just bail out on a life when you don't NEED to in my opinion.

So my daughter has a very expensive Cat, I have my integrity, and Mooshi still has her life...

Anyhow... My dogs will always be looked after, hip problems - epilepsy whatever may come.
The fact is they were already alive - they have a right to a loving home and a wonderful life regardless of how they came to be.

It would however be extremely nice to have a husky that you can be 90% sure wont have major problems... In New Zealand you would most likely be laughed at if you asked for a life time guarantee
from any breeder...

In saying that I think after learning what I have learnt here on these forums so far, You guys are very lucky to be able to potentially find a truly reputable breeder.

I'm afraid that option is not necessarily available here.

I do know if I could ever be bothered breeding it would be as a kennel club breeder - which on it own is a tough nut to crack to get that far.

I would much rather re-home unwanted Huskies though...

Anyway that's just a few of my semi-unrelated thoughts

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Female Join date : 2011-08-07
Location : Michigan

Thinking about breeding? - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Thinking about breeding?   Thinking about breeding? - Page 4 EmptySun Dec 15, 2013 4:47 am

Hughie wrote:

mbarnard0429 wrote:
A reputable - I'm talking reputable, not just a show kennel - does not create a dog just to have the BEST SHOW DOG. A reputable breeder has litters to create the best representation of the breed. This means, a solid front, nice angles, a nice rear (especially when moving), ears that are small, well furred and placed at the top of the head, small and oval shaped eyes to keep the snow out, a well defined stop, a fluffy coat, but not wooly (there are variations), and many, many other things.

If a person can't put their hands on a dog and describe the faults of the dog, they have no business breeding. I know very, very few people who can actually do that.

Megan B.  Excellent!  Poor quality dogs could be eliminated by following that advice.

Thanks! I've got some excellent mentors and man, breeding is still far off for me. Very far off.
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Thinking about breeding?

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